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  1. Calkarima

    Calkarima Gonna do it this time


    Well I went to see the other GP this morning. Thought it was a man but it was a woman and she was pleased with my weight loss of 11 lbs (so am I)

    I mentioned that it seems to have stopped at the moment and wondered if maybe I was doing something wrong and she "decided to let me into a secret"

    Apparently its not really worth us being on these tablets because once we've lost all the weight we'll all automatically go back to our old habits and put it all back on again!!! :eek::eek::eek:

    She then went on to say that I should get myself some friends and get out a bit more. Exercise is SOOOO much better for me than these tablets and I shouldn't expect to lose all my weight because its very difficult for people with as much as I have to lose it successfully.

    She then decided to calculate my heart attack risk - thankfully low at 3 % in the next 10 years. She said she was surprised at this because she would have expected it to be much higher.

    I got my prescription, thanked her for cheering me up on a horrible wet day and left.:sigh:

    I've decided that at least the GP I saw before didn't put me personally down so I've made an appointment to see her next month.

    If anything its made me more determined to prove this stupid woman wrong.

    Surprisingly I've actually found the whole thing very funny because I can't believe how stupid and ignorant this woman is.

    Hope everyone else is having a better day.
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  3. colescrabb

    colescrabb Full Member

    well done you thats great, i lost 8 in my forst 4 weeks and was hoping it would be more but dock pointed out i have already been on a diet for 1yaer (sw and only lost 1stone so 8lbs in 4 weeks was fab.

    am i the only one who has a very supportive doc, hes great, he praises me all the time, even when its not my appointment (if i drop in with the kids) he is happy with me taking the tablets but has said its more of a deterant as if i ate that low fat anyway the weight would still come off, but i am less likley to binge knowing i could end up with orange pants!!!
    he has also referred me to an active options scheme which i go for my assesm,ent a week nxt weds and get to go to the gym half price!!! so thats cool.
  4. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    i have a very supportive Dr, so colescrab you are not the only one...
    i dont understand why that woman has said that!! she is saying pretty much she has no faith in anyone who has a lot to lose to keep it off...
    ive learnt more being on these tablets than i did with weight watchers, or any other diet...
    i cant believe some people.

    my dr was over the moon with what i had lost for the 2 weeks, and said i looked really radient!!!

    good on you for making another appointment and lets all show her that she is stupid and wrong!!!
  5. nicola35

    nicola35 Full Member

    hi calkarima, i agree wot a horrible dr.mines very supportive.congrats on the weight loss honey:D xxxx
  6. Short for my weight

    Short for my weight Full Member

    Hi, Well done on your fabulous weight loss for your first month. My GP couldn't be more supportive she is delighted with my weight loss and gets very excited each month when I go to get weighed!
    You definitely have to stick at it and prove them wrong!
    Good Luck x
  7. Redkoala

    Redkoala Go on smile! =)

    Well done on your weightloss, keep up the awesome work.
  8. skyegirl

    skyegirl Full Member

    Well done on your weightloss thats fantastic, keep up the good work. I too have a very supportive Dr, she's great.
  9. Icklemissmosh

    Icklemissmosh Full Member

    Ohh thats just so patronising! As if you don't know exercise is good for you and its going to be difficult, and the bit about getting friends, how rude!:mad: Its hard enough without her trying to lower your expectations and trying to make out that the tablets wont work.

    i'm so glad you made your next appointment with the other doctor who will hopefully be a bit more respectful.

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