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First weight in......soooo disappointed

ONLY 3.5lbs????

3.5lbs is a great weight loss. Just weigh out some potatoes and you will see just how much it is.

Yes some people do have huge losses, but in the first week it is mostly just water retention and you can't compare yourself to others, as no two individuals are the same.

You have done brilliantly. You should be proud of your loss.


Excited about the new me!
Alexisemma. Don't be down about that. Thats 2/3 of a 5lb bag of potatoes, almost 2 bags of sugar. Everyone is different and the average first weeks loss is 3-4 lb, so you've matched that.

Can I just say :happy036:well done as well.. and adjust your ticker, those lb's have started to come off of that too :) xx


You've done nothing wrong and had a fantastic result. well done !

I always find that looking at my weight loss over a month is more of a true indication than by looking at it week by week.

Congratulations and keep up the good work :D
Firstly well done for your great loss!

We all lose weight differently and different amounts at different times. Some people will have large losses because they have a lot of weight to lose whilst others (like me) who doesn't have a lot to lose will only ever achieve small losses.

The most important thing is that you got a loss! I'm sure it would have been far worse if you had gained the amount of weight you lost.

Well done and chin up!
Thanks everybody and I know you're all right. It's weight off not on, perhaps I had unrealistic expectations!!

Thanks for the reminder for my ticker, I'm off to do it now!!


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please please don't be disapointed with 3.5lb, its an amazing weight loss! I "only" lost a small amount the first week and then same again the next week, where as my friend that started around the same time, lost alot the first week and only half a pound the next week - both our 2 week weight loss matched tho!!

you are doing amazingly well, it proves that SW does work, enjoy your new healthy eating lifestyle and relish ever single loss no matter how small it seems, all them numbers do add up

Helen xxx


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Congratulations on your 3.5lb loss!! :)
I lost 2lbs my first week and then a few weeks in i lost 5lb! I think the problem was not eating all of my syns (thinking it would help speed up the weightloss) but a lot of people on here have said they have a better loss if they use them - and now i have to agree! So dont be afraid to use them! I normally have at least 10, but quite often have the full 15!
My first weigh in is tomorrow and to be honest I'm dreading it. I have stuck to the plan and really tried hard but its still nerve wracking. I would be delighted to lose 3.5 pounds, if I hadn't joined when I did I reckon I would have gained 3.5 pounds this week. Better off than on. Give yourself a pat on the back for your success and keep looking at the long term goal, you're on your way now. x
I had my first weigh in in a monthlast night and lost 1lb usually I am off the opinion that every half a lb is a step closer to my goal but I was slightly dissapointed! That was until my friend advised me that 1lb loss is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine!!!! Now I'm over the moon with that 1 lb- likewise ur 3.5lb is just over 12 bottles of wine-try carrying that around in a shopping basket and Ul no wat those numbers really represent! Well done all we're gettin a stepcloser to our goals every day


Excited about the new me!
Thanks everybody and I know you're all right. It's weight off not on, perhaps I had unrealistic expectations!!

Thanks for the reminder for my ticker, I'm off to do it now!!
Hi Alexi.

Ticker is easy, you go into the tickerfactory,

Here is mine, go to add new ticker:

Go to the weight loss one, thenm add your weight and stats, then choose a ticker, you then copy the first section of the ticker, paste into your signature, save and it will be there. Each week, click on the link and it will take you straight in, ad your password and update. Once you close that and then go into your ticker, it automatically updates. Any worries, I'll help xx
OK A congratulations on your loss, B you haven't got a massive amount to lose and aren't that heavy so your losses will probably be smaller than when you lost the 6 stone.

I have never lost more than 3.5lb in a week and im around the same weight as you are, some people don't, also by havin less syns doesn't mean you will lose more, the weeks I've used almost all my syns I have lost more weight...

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