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First wi on restart!!!! ;-)

Well after loosing and gaining and then loosing and gaining the same 2 stone over the last yr I am back to get rid of it once and for all!

I emailed my cdc and I am back to see her tomorrow.:eek:
Over the past 8 weeks I have eaten junk, crap, junk and more crap and needless to say my clothes are too tight, my boobs,tummy and spare tyres are certainly too big and I feel pooh!!

I have gained about 2 stone..........in 8 weeks!!!WTF!!!!????:cry: :mad: :sigh: :eek: and all this is through me being a pig and not being able to limit/control what I put in my mouth!!!

We go on our belated honeymoon in 2 weeks time, part of me wanted to wait and restart when we come back...but going by the last few monts I would be right back where I started last yr!
So its a case of getting off as much as poss in the next 2 weeks and then making sure I get right back to it when we get back at the beginning of june...no excuses!!

so if there is anyone else out there struggling...then lets do this together. re starting is harder than the initital start..but certainly not impossible!!

Lou X
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Hi Lou,

Good luck with your restart tomorrow and I think your being too hard on yourself just now.

You have had a hectic time with the wedding and it is only natural to let the guard down when the chaos is over and calm returns.

It would be worse if you continued on and did nothing about it and instead of two stone it could be a lot more.

Your right to nip it in the bud now.

You won't find the two weeks passing until your off on your Honeymoon.

Exciting times for you.

Love Mini xxx


Silver Member
Hi , Very easy to let things slip hun when you have had so much to deal with , as in the wedding !!

2weeks till honeymoon hey ! sit back and enjoy it , you only get one honeymoon !!

Its harder to restart thou so have a little think about restartin before you go away x

You will do well thou , you have done it before and this time you will make the weight stay off !!
Good luck and enjoy x
thanks both of you!
I am looking forward to being back in control again. There is something very liberating about being able to live on only 3 packs and a million tonnes of water a day...and not havng to rely on carbs, fats and sugars etc to get you through a day!

thanks for the support

Lou XX
Facing the music tonight!!

My lovely CDC just called to say she is coming over my way and would I like her to pop by and weigh me tongiht and bring packs to save me having to go over witht the kids tomorrow!!
How sweet is that!
Problem is I have to face reality tonight of how much I have gained!!LOL still I guess waiting till the morning was just putting off the inevitable!
At least this way I can get up with a clean slate tomorrow morning and it gives me another full day of ss-ing before the honeymoon!

I will come on here and confess all and change my tracker..I know its embarassing but it will look like a better loss next week!!LOL:p well thats how I am thinking of it!!

will fill you in soon on the results!!!:eek:
lou X
Well its done and dusted....wi is over!!!

ewwww..............am again back to 13.7!yuk!!!!but we did comment its last thing at night, I have been eating today and I was wearing a denim skirt!!(can you see me trying to make excuses????:rolleyes: )

Anyway...new day tomorrow...............onwards and downwards!!

Hoping to be back in the 12's by this time next week!!!

bring it on!!!!
Lou X
Good luck on your continuing weight loss journey Lou ......... there are plenty of us in the same boat as you (enough to make it sink!!) and we understand and empathise with you. Lots of motivation coming your way - and no doubt you'll enjoy your well deserved honeymoon.
aww thanks all of you!

Thats one of the best things about CD + Minimins.....there are lots of people to sail in the boat with...and what a fab bunch of people they are!!

The other good thing is that you are never...and I mean never alone!

Thanks all of you:)
hugs and kisses Lou XX


To infinity and beyond!
I was wearing a denim skirt!! Lou X
Excellent idea, means at least another 1lb or 2 added to your weight loss if you wear something lighter next WI :D
Good luck with your restart
Day one and feeling good!!

Ok so it has only been abut 3 hrs but its going great, and with this diet every second counts!

Had choc tetra for brekkie at about 9, and have only had 1pt water+1 black coffee so far(cos I was out at school assembly!) but just going off to have more water now.

Anyway feeling a proud mummy today as our eldest son got the Becon Pupil award at school he has been waiting for it for ages and he was really chuffed to get it!

I am also going to end up a very nurotic mummy at the end of the weekend as the same son is off on his first cub camp!!
They are going tonight and wont be back till sunday at 3pm. I know He will have a whale of a time, and come back tired soggy and covered in mud!!Just hope the rain decides to ease off a bit!!

Anyway must get that water down me!
lou X
day one done and dusted!

well the first day back on the wagon has gone fine!
only 2 litres of water though, been very busy and out and about today
4 black coffees
2 choc tetras
tom soup

Now a very paranid mummy as our eldest is on cub camp fpr the first time and all of a sudden it doesnt seem like such a good idea!!:(
It was fine till we drove to the camp site and suddenly lots of thoughts started going through my mind...abduction, getting lost, falling and breaking a leg etc etc etc!!!
I know he will be fine and have an excellent time, but it just seems very alien as a mother knowing my son is out in the rain in the woods and I am not there with him!!:sigh: :confused:

Any way I am off to bed so I dont sit here thinking of any more silly things!
day two here we come!!
Morning all!

Awake early this am! Tummy was rumbling and was very aware of little one being out in the woods!!:confused: lol(8 yr old cub camping...first time!) Still the sun is out here this morning...how long it will last who knows...but I have put the washing out in anticipation of it lasting at least a few hrs!:D

well I am sitting here with water on one side of me and black coffee the other. We are going to take our other son to the cinema this am, do something special with him being as though the other is away, hes decided on Spider Man 3! I dont mind too much...I mean seeing Tobey Maguire prancing around in skin tight tights...isnt too much of a hardship!!!LOL;)
Going to go and read a few posts and then make the most of the sunshine and strip the boys beds.....and get the house straight before we go to the cinema.
Have a good day
Lou X
Went to the cinema today with hubby and our youngest, I was freezing in the cinema..had only taken water!
Was tidying up upstairs just now and really noticed my mouth tasted :jelous: ...thought it was far too early for ketosis....any went and tested and it was as pink as anything!!! I am so chuffed, especially as though chatter box decided to rear her head after we got back from the cinema and I even stood in front of the cupboard deciding whether to eat or not....!!! Obviously I talked myself out of it and I was glad I did....and even more so now seeing as though I am really in the pink!!

Off to drink more water as it is showing I need to drink more!

have a good day all! weather still pants here, but not as torrential as it was yesterday so lets hope the campers are having a good day!

Lou X
That is fab you are in ketosis already... well done you!!!

Keep going and you will be a skinny mini in no time lol


To infinity and beyond!
Fantastic news, must be a great motivator to keep on track.

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