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sharon kim

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i went out yesterday to fish resurant and i thought id have the mackrel as im not a lover of fish, and ive seen on here what affect it can have, but knowing nothing about fat content of fish as i dont eat it orderd it today i can say with all honesty big mistake lol and i never wanted to go there in the first place
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Oh my gosh. Mackerel is one of the really oily fishes lol.

Oh sorry to laugh :(

sharon kim

Silver Member
oh yes i know that now lol wont be having it again
I had a poached salmon fillet and was slightly worried about side effects but have had none!!! How can that be? Maybe these tablets are just not going to work for me.

sharon kim

Silver Member
i think the mackrel has a lot more oil than the salmon


gunna be a fatty for ever
I had a poached salmon fillet and was slightly worried about side effects but have had none!!! How can that be? Maybe these tablets are just not going to work for me.

Hiya and welcome emmasmum!!

Xenical works differently in each person. It depends on the size of the Salmon how it was cooked etc

Also u mentioned you'd only been on the tablets just over a week, well it some time can take up to a week to kick in to its maximum performance!!

Dont be hard on your self 2lbs is fantastic!! Its also proven the slower it comes off the easier it is to keep off!!

Good luck with your journey

LOve katie
Im ok with salmon too but know others on here that avoid it like the plague.

A lesson learnt! You now know to avoid it in the future!!
Thanks for that. I'm feeling ok about my 2 pounds now! Hoping for at least the same this week.


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I'm a really picky eater and am a bit scared to try fish. I like tuna, and occasionally cod if it has no bones in it. Can anybody recommend any fish that isn't oily, so I won't have the side affects, but is a nice fish that doesn't taste too fishy?

skate is really nice not to fatty but lots of bones to take out.

prawns are great :cry:unfortunatly i have to be careful i have an intolerence to them:cry: i love prawns.

think i will give mackerel a miss although. however it is full of omega something one of the healthy fats:D

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Crystalfaery xx :angel:
i think cod is a good one too eat,im having it for my tea tonight x
thanks for the suggestions, i will give them all a try :) x


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I've been eating loads of fish, prawns, tuna steaks, cod and haddock, have got a lovely recipe for Moroccan Cod Tagine and one for Haddock and spring onion risotto, both really yummy!! Also a Zesty prawn recipe (basically a tomatoey sauce with prawns and lemon zest and juice in it, it's gorgeous!) which I have either with pasta or cous cous. Have been having tuna steaks griddled with loads of roasted veg or cous cous, or with stir fried veg and noodles (all roasted or stir fried in the one cal spray) I've found that Aldi's frozen fish is fantastic, even better than the fresh stuff from my local fishmonger, it's really well priced too. £3 for a huge bag of prawns, I get several meals from it, £3-something for a bag of tuna steaks, they usually contain 6 steaks which is fab value for money.
i only eat tuna...

oh, unless you count fish finger sandwiches lol
(of course im not eating them anymore lol)
i've heard tuna steaks taste totally different from tuna chunks in a tin.. is this true? i heard the steaks taste more like chicken? if so, i'd love to give them a try because i think i try to avoid fish because of the fishy taste, lol. £3 for 6 tuna steaks is excellent value, i'll have to get my mum to buy some next time she goes shopping! :) x
Tuna steaks are beautiful, I wouldn't be surprised though if theyare higher in fat? You'll have to check it out. Tuna in a can is more processed...
i'll definitely check them out. i was planning to grill them on a george foreman grill, which would take a lot of the fat out, wouldn't it? i'm not very good at cooking, i'm a student so i'm used to eating pasta or beans on toast all the time, lol. i'm home for the summer now though so my mum is doing all the shopping and cooking so i can try different things.

i agree that tuna in a can will be more processed, but i really want to try the tuna steaks, so i really hope they're not too high in fat! lol x
tuna steaks are to die for i love them and yes i think they are more like chicken they're not particularly fishy, i have to check out those cheaper ones they are so pricey these days:mad::D
i bought some tuna steaks today :) from aldi, £3.69 for a bag. there was three different varieties, so i bought the one with the lowest amount of fat in (obviously! lol). i think it was lime and corriander flavoured tuna steaks. i'm yet to try them, but i'm looking forward to it! :) x

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