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Fit Flops?


This is the last time!!
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't see it anywhere!
Today at my wi, my CDC suggested that I got myself some fit flops. She said they are really good at toning calves/thighs and bums...all problem areas on me :eek:
So, has anyone tried them, and what opinions are there on them?
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Must do it this time
sorry hun,ive never heard of fit flops.i know that there is a pair of runners you can get,cant think of the name of them and they have a bit of an odd shape on the sole,like they have a curve or something,anyway these are supposed to be proven to help with toning and weight loss.ive never worn them nor know of anybody that has,i have seen them on people but thats as far as my knowledge goes,sorry im not more help.
they retail here for a little over a hundred euro.
elaine x


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I've got a pair of fitflops (boots sell them) & can't say i've noticed any difference in my calfs or bum! But that may be due to the fact that i can't wear them for very long cos the post between my toes iritates after a while. All flipflops do that tho'!!

I do find them very comfy tho'! Its like walking on air.




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those trainers are called MBT's but they are expensive - cheapest pair are around £70!

Fitflops are around £36 & you can buy online at boots & get your advantage points.


Must do it this time
But that may be due to the fact that i can't wear them for very long cos the post between my toes iritates after a while.
hey emma,
just a little note to let you know that boots sell things for your flip flops to stop the toe from getting sore,i cant remember the name of them,party feet i think they do work a treat as its a thick rubber you place on the thong of the flip flop.
elaine x


This is the last time!!
You can get those little gel patch things (like party feet) for flip flops now ;)
I will have a look on boots now.
Elaine you are thinking of MBT's :) not sure if they tone up or the fact that you are out walking more by investing in them tones you up, but they are supposed to help with posture and bad bone alignment etc cant say from experience though

Dont know anything about fitflops other than the name sorry


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thanks elaine. I'll have a look in boots at the weekend for those toe thingies!!! :D


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I have fit flops. Can't say I've noticed the health benefit, but I do find them comfy :)


This is the last time!!
I live in my crocs at the mo, but really want some of these! Will have to wait til I am back in UK as have wide feet (regardless of weight, feet are flat and wide!) so need to try on before I buy. So, if anyone sees them, lemme know where I can buy them from please!


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i bought mine online from boots.


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Ive got fit flops and crocs and think fit flops are comfiest!! They are meant to tone everything but cant say ive noticed anything in that way.


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I fancy a pair of them too (i also live in Crocs) - they look very comfy. Really want a pair of the MBT anti-shoes though for walking.
My name's Karen. I'm a shoe-a-holic :eek:


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Ha ha Love it Karen! I guess I would be classed as a shoe-a-holic too. I have 3 overflowing shoe racks! Skechers are my pash though
I've had my fit flops for quite a while now and they are so comfortable. Yesterday I did a 13km walk in them no problems.....but I tell you my legs and bottom are certainly aching today!!! So they do definitely give you a good workout and apparently make you burn more calories. I'd advise anyone to get them, especially as the weather is so nice they are ideal to wear during the day. If you look at kelkoo.co.uk you can find out where they are the cheapest at the moment. I ordered mine online and they arrived the next day....my mam even bought a pair x


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I am interested in buying a pair online. Are they small fitting? Would you get a size bigger? :D

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