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Fitting in four packs a day?

Does anyone find it hard to have time for four packs a day? I never used to eat breakfast/lunch, so trying to remember to have shakes regularly is a big problem for me - I know it's important and I do try, but I'm never ever hungry or craving them (well, except the bars, so I stopped having them) so I forget.

It only becomes a problem like when I realised at 4PM on Sunday that I hadn't had -anything- that day and then had to cram my shakes in (with as much spacing as possible) into that time frame.

Also, drinking water so much is hard! :)

Not that I'm unhappy - I'm thrilled really, but I'd love to get other people's thoughts :D
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Hi Phoenix

I think it's a matter of creating a habit. And then setting yourself/your day up to promote that habit. What time do you get up at? Make it so that you immediately go down and have your first shake. Make it with the smallest amount of water possible (the minimum mls it says on the pack) if you want but for the next 10 minutes that is your priority is to drink it..... if you have to get the kids up get up 10 minute early to allow for this time.

Then find similar strategies for other times throughout day. Think of it as prioritising yourself; that this is important.

Good luck :)
This is why I tend to have bars and tetras. I have a bar every morning and it's so easy to have, no preparation etc. Have it with a drink.

I then have a tetra around lunch the one later in the day, just grab em out the fridge and job done. Also they are smaller in quantity than making up a milkshake so I don't get too full.

I never had breakfast and sometimes didn't have lunch, but when I started Lighterlife earlier this year I had to make myself get in to a routine. I used to space my 4 packs throughout the day. Don't worry if it takes awhile as on Lighterlife it did take me over a month to get into any sort of routine.

I'm glad I did get in to a routine though as when I took a break from Lighterlife the routine stuck. I'd either have cereal or a cereal bar for breakfast and would often eat at more healthier times.

Now I'm on CD the routine is still there and it's working great.


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I have 4 shakes a day at 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm with water inbetween. Making it regimented made it a bit easier
I struggle with four packs a day also. I always make sure I have 3, but don't always manage the fourth.

It depends on my work shift but sometimes I only have one tetra around lunchtime-ish and the other 2/3 when I get home.

I am quite good with drinking my water though.
It's mostly college for me - I'm either in mornings or afternoons, and often, if I'm up early, I'm not that interested in anything other than finding my socks.
Being honest it dont matter when you have em as many a time id have 3 packs out my 4 within 3 hours lol depending on my work day. Still lost the weight easilly

It creates good lifetime habbits though of eating breakfast/lunch/dinner for maintainence yes..but i wouldnt stress over cramming in packs...as i done it myself many times x
Gosh, I really don't have that problem!! I've even had to start my first pack later so that i could last with "only" four packs in a day. And I usually drink 4l of water a day, 3 of which are between 10 am and noon!!
I only have 3 a day and sometimes the time runs away from me too and I'm having 2 an hour apart at the end of the day.


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Gosh, I really don't have that problem!! I've even had to start my first pack later so that i could last with "only" four packs in a day. And I usually drink 4l of water a day, 3 of which are between 10 am and noon!!
Just spotted you post and i had to reply, please be very careful about drinking so much water in such a short space of time, 3ltr in 2 hours can be dangerous, fatal even.
In 2008, Jacqueline Henson, a 40-year-old British woman, died after drinking four liters of water in under two hours as part of her Lighterlife diet plan. ref Water intoxication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just be sure to space it out a bit more

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