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fitting in things

Lozzie Stardust

Fat Geek to Thin Geek
I'm sure you will my sweet! I've got a trip to a Theme Park on Wednesday, dreading that I won't be able to fit in the rides :(
I know the feeling too but it is improving! You are doing something about it so you should notice a difference soon too! Hope you enjoy Peter Kay, I LOVE that man!
I go to quite a lot of shows at the Music Hall, or the Theatre in Aberdeen, and as a size 22-24-26 with a BIG butt, I will admit it isn't the most comfiest of places to sit, and I do get "the fear" that I will either a) not fit in the seat, or b) not get back out of the seat.....
But I have never gotten stuck yet. And each time I have been, we usually combine the show with dinner beforehand too, so belly's usually a bit full too...

I'm sure you will fit in the seats :) And I'm sure once Mr Kay gets started, you'll be too busy chuckling to be thinking about seating arrangements! :D

Have a great time!!!!x


I can haz cake?
Its the same with everything... anywhere you need to sit! Planes.... cinema... even just going over to a friends house for dinner. Its the silly little things that normal people don't have to think about.

I'm finding that when I was at a size 24 (borderline 26 if i'm honest) I was really starting to have problems with a lot of things :( Unfortunately I'm built with ALL of my weight around my bum/belleh/muffintops.. the most crucial parts for sitting lol
Thanks everybody! I just have visions of me having to be cut outta the seat, i know its daft but its how i panic over things. Was at the cinema late last year and couldnt sit down properly, had to kinda lean a bit and go in sideways lol. Got out ok, thankfully.

Will let you know how it all goes :)
Thats us home finally! Out the door at 5.30 home for midnight. Long, but so god damn funny. If ive not lost weight next week cos of all the laughing i wont be chuffed!

The seat thing wasnt a problem, was temporary seating and didnt have arm rests thankfully. Just gave me a really numb bum!

Lozzie Stardust

Fat Geek to Thin Geek
Awesome, laughing hard = tummy crunches XD

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