Fizzy drinks - good or bad?


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I'm a proper addict for pepsi max, other diet drinks at a pinch but that's my worst. Think I had five cans today along with coffee and fizzy water.

Wondering what the general view is on here, whether most people try and cut down or have none at all or if y'think it's not much of a problem. More on the weightloss perspective was thinking of. Feeling a bit bloated tonight, think it's mixed hyperactively with cauli and sprouts - good job my OH isn't here tomorrow night lol
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I probably wouldn't drink that much fizzy drinks (diet or otherwise), but only because I don't think it's very good for me. I went out to eat last night with a friend, and I did have a diet coke, but it's not a normal drink for me. It's only cos I was out. Generally, I try to drink more water, or peppermint tea, etc. I get hooked on caffeine easily so I try to moderate my intake.


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I drink loads of DR Pepper Zero. Was drinking loads of Diet Coke. Don't think it does my any good whatsoever but I am totall addicted to it.


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i drink a glass or can a day definitely no more, i stick to low calorie squash...
we have diet fizzy @ class, even though it's free i dont think its necessary good for you


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i drink lots coke zero i find it helps with my snacking. a glass of coke will mostly stop me wanting rubbish. think i will get major head aches if i stop


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Mn I tried giving up having it at home for lent last year and that went okay but I soon started buying it in again lol. I think I'll try it again as a New Year resolution, just to have it now and again when I'm not at home which should be good 'cause I'm a homeworker anyway lol


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aspartane is in most low calorie drinks and it is evil google it and you will see that it's linked to all sorts of brain killing tom foolery it's also a really volatile chemical , my advice is don't drink any fizzy stuff or just anything in general with it in there is not enough research into it but what little there is suggests it's effects on the brains of developing children can be substancially damaging.


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I love pepsi max and use to drink loads of it.

However - it's ruined my teeth, even though it's sugar free my teeth are awful, I've looked after them but I've had to have all sorts of problems.

I 90% put this down to pepsi max.... I still drink it as I love it, but only 1 or 2 cans a week.