Fizzy vs Still water.....and ss-ing


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Just wondering if anyone has noticed any difference in losses if they have had fizzy water instead of still???

our water comes out of tap freezing!!!!! so since I have been back on CD since january I have always had fizzy least 2-3litres a day.
Have tried warm still water + flavouring.....ewww yukky!

I dont feel particually bloated but have noticed my skin has been really dry, which is prob more to do with the heating than the water!!LOL

Anyway was just curious to know what people thought.

Thanks Lou X
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Shouldn't be any different losses on either water that I know of.
My skin is dryer too - think it's central heating and cold wind.


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I only drink fizzy water now with berry flavouring in and it hasnt affected my losses, I dont think. My skin has been really dry but it usually goes like that when I cut down on fat so I assume thats whats happening. I couldnt cope without my fizzy water and agree,plain water and flavouring is 'orrible!

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I use bottled still water, with sparkling water occasionally as a treat.
I must be an oddity here because I haven't noticed my skin being dryer than usual, it's been the opposite.


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I have 5 pints of plain filtered water and 3 pints of fizzy with water flavourings ! Very precise eh ? :) But after 20 weeks I am kind of into a routine !

Learning to love that water ! haven't had any dry skin but do have more windy rumblings if I have any more than 3 pints of fizzy water.


I am struggling with the water only averaging about 3 litres a day and that's still water - when it's too cold for me I wait til its room temp and sometimes add flavourings on the last litre. My skin has suddenly gone really really dry and my hands look about 100 years old - what is that all about!!????


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I had really dry skin and I drink bottled still water.

But tonight I treated myself to a face mask, which really helped my skin :)


Remember the time of year & recent cold weather.At least some of the dryness may be due to that.


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I've always drank sparkling water i buy the cheapest17p one and it's perfect, i was unable to drink still water with the flavourings, sparkling water has really been my saving grace.