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I will be skinny again!!!
My vote is for NO!

They taste like burnt poo!!!!!
I have to agree with you there. On my first appointment I got 7 flapjacks, 7 soups and 7 shakes. I swapped the flapjacks for shakes the very next day. :eek:

I had the peanut ones and honestly thought I was going to throw up. It was so bitter and dry and it burnt my throat which was weird.

I gues its up to personal preference but I certainly wont be touching them again :)


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I guess i am going to avoid then as i tried to the soup and hated it.
The peanut ones are awful. They taste like dried old peanut butter. But... worse.

Has anyone tried the coconut ones? I like coconut.


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i tried the coconut ones.
i couldn't tell thats what they were meant to be!took a bite and spat it out.
tasted to me like gravy browning
In a word...NO!!! They're like salty cardboard (not that I've ever eaten salty cardboard - I'm guessing thats what it tastes like though!!) x


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Yes if u are out and don't have access to a shaker. But don't try having one for brekky AND one for lunch cos it takes some swallowing. I couldn't manage the second one.


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They are definitely an acquired taste! But some like them right away!

The first time I tried one I turned green:9529:

If you are on Lipotrim for about six weeks or more you will be used to the vitamin and mineral taste so it is worth having a try of the flapjacks then.

Get one of each to sample...I preferred the peanut one but later on I could hardly tell the difference between peanut and coconut.

To eat a flapjack...

Break off little bits to eat and enjoy with water/tea/coffee...

They are very convenient when out and about.


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Ditto Mini - eat them in very small pieces with a hot sweet coffee - and they are not soooooo bad. I cannot tell the difference between coconut and peanut, but they are handy when you are out and about.


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I find them fine, have one every afternoon and never have a problem with constipation, so an added bonus. I take them with a lot of liquid and prefer the coconut ones as they are a little less roasted normally.
Try one at least.
even though i've not tried them, i fully intend to before i finish on Lt. There's very little variety so i figure may as well :) nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I'd say try them! my pharmacist hasn't had them in stock the last 3 weigh ins, when i've actually got round to remembering to ask for them!
I`d like to try them too but my Pharmacist has never had them due to a "problem" with them :( x
I just tried the coconut ones. It was vile. I spat it out and had a shake instead. I hope to never taste anything like that again.

If you want to never put weight on again then try one of those. It will spur you to never want to be back on LT again. Lol.

I'd stick to the shakes! xxx

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