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Flapjacks are usually not given in the first week.

The Lipotrim Diet is the same everywhere so your chemist would have flapjacks, if not get them to order them in for you.

Flapjacks are an acquired taste and it is best to leave taken them until you are on Lipotrim for two weeks or more as before this time you would be more sensitive to the taste of vitamins and minerals in them...after awhile you don't notice this taste, only the flavour of either peanut or coconut.

They are great for giving you something to chew:)

Ask for one the next time and see how you get on. If you like them you can go back and swap some of your packs for them.
I'm in Wexford and tried flapjacks this week (week 4). Had trouble getting the first one down, but persevered and now I look forward to them. Definitely takes a few tries before you get used to them.


soon to be minnie mouse
couldnt stomach them at first but tried the coconut one yesterday and lets just say it was palitable. just tried the chicken soup again and i've changed my mind on this also, adding a pinch of chilli powder and black pepper makes it a welcome relief from the cold milkshakes
good luck

start weight 87.4

todays weight 80.7
You dont need to know what they are like - trust me dont go there hun. They are vile with a capital V!!


soon to be minnie mouse
i'm with you on the flapjacks daisy they taste like wet cardboard but maybe by week 8 or so I might change my mind eh!!


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I tried the coconut one mid way thru wk 2 and gagged on it, mid way thru wk 3 I had the peanut one and didnt think it was too bad (Im not saying its nice by any means) but it was nice to chew.


Says it as it is!!!
Flapjacks rock mmmmmmm both flavours are fab and they last ages ... i break them into small bits and east them really slowly mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm they are lovely wth a nice vanilla latte hehehe
Trust me hun they wont. Put it this way wet cardboard - mmmmmmm. Flapjacks - :sick0019::sick0019::sick0019:


Back on the wagon!
Hi all

Much more motivated now thanks all:):)

I haven't been given the flapjacks. Do we not get them in Ireland?? What are they like.
You get them after week 1! I am in Ireland too and got them......most people hate them but I got to "like" them - toasted a little....great for lunch breaks at work or travelling........


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Must try toasting them!

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