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Says it as it is!!!
No, hun go for it ...i love them...infact i have had to stop having them as i became slightly addicted lol Don't forget tho ...only one a day and you need to drink more water xx
you will make your own mind up But I will put a fiver on that you ate them lol xxx you will get to like them though!


Eloquent hooligan
They are deffo a marmite polar divider.... no-one is ever ambivalent on this subject :D

They are an experience I'll say that much :D
everyones taste is different but had some and i could not even eat half of one it was vile tasted really salty not nice at all had to take the rest back x
futuresbright has them toasted apparently thats nice x
Sure U Couldnt Beat Them With A Big Stick!

Def try them - i had heard sooo many bad stories about flapjacks that when i tasted it i was so prepared to taste the most vile thing ever invented - i think cos i thought they were going to be so bad - i was pleasently surprised that i didnt boke.

So they def grow on ya... and yip yip yip - u gotta try them toasted (no butter and jam though! ;))



soon to be minnie mouse
they do grow on you,also ideal to eat on the go. i sometimes have them at my desk at work although they do take me quite a while to finish
I'm in the hate -em camp. I will usually eat anything- reason why I'm here in teh first place but they beat me! Good luck with them.
You've got to give them a go and be warned its a bit of shock to the taste buds but they do grow on you if you stick at it, water is a must lol!
I find them very handy and convenient when I'm at work. I was warned they tasted like cardboard but found them ok. Not as yummy as proper homemade flapjacks but a nice contrast to my 2 shakes. You can always take the rest back if you hate them, or do what I did and just take one to try.

o no not the dreaded flapjacks , dont do it , pleassssseeeee , just kiddin , you might like them but my oppinion is i will never go there again . deb x


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Total food replacement.

I posted this somewhere else, but if you crumble the flapjacks up and pour some peppermint tea over them, they are quite nice!!!

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