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  1. Supa_Tan

    Supa_Tan Full Member


    Just hoping someone can help me. I'm going for my first week weigh in this afternoon and trying to figure out what flavours are available so I can make better choices than last week.

    I've had a look at the CD website and I remember there being more flavours than they have listed. Is it just me ? Does anyone know if this is it or if there is there a full list of flavours anywhere ?

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  3. kammeg

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    The Cambridge Diet
    I got this from a previous post that someone wrote.

    Hope it helps.


    Milkshakes 9 flavours

    Chocolate (also in lactose free)
    Chocolate Mint
    Toffee and Walnut
    Vanilla (also in lactose free)
    Fruits of the Forest

    Soups 6 flavours
    Chicken and Mushroom
    Mushroom (lactose free)

    Spicy Tomato
    Oriental Chilli
    Broccoli and Cheese
    Bars 6 flavours
    Malt Toffee - covered in milk choc
    Caramel - covered in milk choc
    Chocolate - covered in milk choc
    Orange - covered in plain choc

    Peanut Crunch – milk chocolate
    Cranberry Crunch – milk chocolate
    Ready made cartons come in two flavours
    Chocolate Velvet
    Banana Bliss

    Water flavours 3 flavours - £6.40 per pot
    Summer Berries
    Sunshine Orange
    Savoury VegetableMousse mix - £3.00
    Fibre 89 - £5.65
    Ketostix - £5.00
  4. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    ooooooo choc mint is my absolute favourite at the minute
    and the chicken and musrooms soup is rather nice too.
  5. Supa_Tan

    Supa_Tan Full Member

    Thanks you so much, that's great !

    Choc mint is my favourite shake too - by far !!! I really like the Veg soup and Chicken & Mushroom is quite nice too.

    Not really too keen on any of the other shakes (choc and cappucino are ok) and haven't tried any of the other soups so gonna have a think about what to get later on.

    Really want to make good choices this week. It's so horrible when you look forward to a shake and then it's yuk.

    Thanks again!
  6. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Tan,

    My weekly diet consists of :

    Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Oriental Chilli.

    I have tried all the other flavours but I only really like these three.

    Good luck with weigh in later:)
  7. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    For about 10 weeks i lived off just choc mint milkshakes because they were the only ones that i like, lol. I would also reccommend the orange water flavourings because they make drinking your water so much easier.
  8. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Hello thwere,
    Must admit I was quite surprised by the taste of the spicy tomato soup its lovely and the chicken and veg one tastes a bit like the sauce you get in pot noodles!!
    I too survive on choc mint and the odd strawberry shake but also have one soup a day so not to bored yet..... lol I only just got through day 17 and sound like a real pro but Im still learning as we all are on this journey.
    Good luck with your shakes Tan and its really just trial and error. xxxxxx
  9. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
    I found my tastes changed during summer and winter - and where as I hated the fruity ones when I started .... I live on the banana now, hot, cold and as ice cream!!
  10. bluehail

    bluehail Full Member

    my favs in order are choc mint, butterscotch, cappucino and chocolate! :)
  11. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Cappucino is lovely hot
    Choc mint lovely hot or cold
    Half a pack of choc mint mixed with half a pack of strawberry...yummy

    Half a pack of choc mixed with half a pack of banana, that's nice hot or cold too.
    My son likes half a pack of toffee & walnut mixed with half a pack of choc, i don't like it but he loves it!

    Hope this gives you some ideas.....xxx
  12. butterflyinprogress

    butterflyinprogress Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    The Bars...after 2 weeks you can have them...Peanut YUMMY - Just like a snickers bar
  13. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    Can the CD packs be made into muffins like the LL ones can.

    I have never been able to drink the shakes and never will. I haven't ever been able to drink milk shakes - period!! Even when I was a child I hated them - the consistency of milk shakes has always made me want to hurl :jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous:.

    Making them into muffins on the other hand is something I can cope with.

    I love the sound of the 'Snickers-tasting-peanut bar'. For me the LL peanut bar was (quite literally) like chewing on a piece of cardboard!
  14. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    They're nice enough but I think you must have an amazing imagination to think they're like snickers!

    Just to add my contribution... choc mint shakes with lots of ice, almost like ice cream. Choc tetras either 1/2 in a mug filled with hot water or frozen. All the bars. Thats about it! The choc or vanilla packs make nice muffins but don't forget the sweeteners!!!! Urgh otherwise.
  15. butterflyinprogress

    butterflyinprogress Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    oh I love em!!!!!
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