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First time I started CD I tried a lot for the variety and for the fact I'd never had any of it.

After several flavours making me feel physically sick, I have restricted what I get. Choc mint, leek and potato, chicken and mushroom, and very occasionally chilli.

I might want to branch out....because I can see myself getting bored after 2 weeks.

What can people recommend?
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Hi Sapphire,

Choc mint is by far my fave!

Chocolate is also nice, capuccino / toffee & walnut is ok, but not too often.

Forest fruits is quite pleasant.

Liking Terrys chocolate orange, I bought the choc orange shake too, but that was a real disappointment - it was vile!!

I love the chicken & nushrrom soup, and the mushroom soup is also really nice.

Leek and Potato soup is 'ok'

Vegetable is hmmmm kind of 'ok'

Oriental Chilli, Spicy Tomato - yuckssssss - the chilli one is the worse, they taste sour. I used a little more water than mentioned on the packs as Im not into thick or sweet, but however I tried them, these two still didnt change my opinion.

The porridge is kind of ok - but only with adding cinammon, otherwise its horrible. The apple & cinammon one with extra cinammon is kind of ok, with the extra cinammon its not very nice.

Of course thats my review, we are all different, hope my review helped xx
Lol, thats really helped me! I love choc orange of the terrys variety normally, but after one a day for 3 weeks it was so sickly I havent been able to even contemplate it again!!!!!!

Chilli Im struggling with.....for me it smells really weird. Maybe it is that sourness Im experience. It does have an odd twang.

I am going to try vanilla and cappuccino next week......watch this space! I dont know why but I cant get my head round fruits of the forest....so weird. Maybe I should try it. I did make butterscotch in to mousse thinking it would be like angel delight, I was -so- disappointed!!!!!!

Today is my day 3, and I feel really good, I had chicken and mush at lunch time and REALLY enjoyed it. Whats going on?!!? LOL ;)

Will let you know about me being adventurous! Thanks for the recomendations.
I tried the mousse for the first time this week. It was horrible. On the plus side. I like the cappuchino shake, choc mint. And also the vanilla one made up and then a spoon and a bit of coffee granules disolved in little bit of water first added. I also love the tomato soup though a lot of people hate it. I didn't like the butterscotch or the toffee and walnut shake and I thought I'd like both. I don't mind the mushroom soup, the chilli and golden veg with pepper added. Some of the made up shakes taste quite powdery.
I agree, I have steered well away from the spicey tomato, my mum said it was foul!!! And I am not a fan of toffee and walnut....cant imagine it being nice!

After what you've said, Im really looking forward to my vanilla and cappuccino shakes now!!
I'm a disaster and hate all the shakes except mint choc. I like the veg soup,chicken and mushroom,chicken,leek and potato.That's it! When I was on lipotrim I spent 2 weeks on chicken soup before I found Cambridge :)
Sounds a bit like me with the choc mint...... Reckon the mousse will make nice ice cream! I might try it this morning!!!!!! I wish there were some more flavours.....pea soup would be good!! Day 4 and I miss vegetables! Veg soup isn't the same! But I'm 5lbs down!!!!
I thought I'd hate the tomato soup as it didn't sound that nice and I don't even like Heinz tomato soup that much. So it was the last soup on my first week to try and I thought well I'll give it a go. And I really liked it. Apparently you either love or hate it! I wish there was more flavours. I think I read in America there is a chocolate and coconut one maybe a bit like a bounty. That sounds nice. Or a lemony one. And they need more soups. Maybe chicken noodle?


Fab & Fit For Florida
i have really restricted myself for the past week because i was being lazy and not bothering to prepare my shakes and i think it relflected with my naff losses (i don't touch the soups as for some reason they knock me sick)

so i have restricted myself to:
banana tetras
strawberry tetras
chocolate tetras
cranberry bars
choc mint bars
toffee bars
choc orange bars
peanut bars

and because my weigh in yesterday was so good, i am doing the same again this week :)
I am down to a very limited range of flavours I like;
Mint choc
Oriental chilli soup.
I may need to start introducing food soon, there is only so long these will be tolerable every day x
i don't like anything chocolate flavoured, so milkshakes-wise i have strawberry and banana tetras for work, and toffee walnut for home (absolutely my number one favourite shake).

soups - I adore chicken and mushroom when whizzed up, but i get a couple of the tomato ones every week for variety, or if i have to be out for my third meal (tomato has different mixing instructions to all the others, and doesn't go lumpy if you do it with a spoon in a mug). If you think of it as being like a cupasoup, it isn't disappointing, i find. And it really isn't spicy. I can't even have spicy flavour crisps, cos they're too hot but the soup just has a slight tang.

Then after week two you can have the bars! I adore all the bars except mint choc, which tastes a bit stale. also, you can have half and then half later - which stops me wanting food at work. they're perfectly portable too. My CDC said to eat small pieces and drink lots of water between bites cos otherwise they can give you wind / upset tummy, and it makes them last ages. Shame you can only have one bar a day. The soft ones are like chocolate covered fudge! Bliss...
Oh I was so excited about the bars and they really disappointed me, all I can taste is all the vitamins. I get a couple of Orange bars now just for.emergencies x
My fave shake is strawberry, I only have 3 different flavours....strawberry, choc mint & choc but once all my choc ones go I'm going to swap the choc for another flavour as sick of most of my drinks being chocolate flavour!!
I had a strawberry tetra last week when out & about & it nearly made me sick!!
My fave shake is strawberry, I only have 3 different flavours....strawberry, choc mint & choc but once all my choc ones go I'm going to swap the choc for another flavour as sick of most of my drinks being chocolate flavour!!
I had a strawberry tetra last week when out & about & it nearly made me sick!!
yeah i don't like the tetras, but i couldn't do the diet at work otherwise - or go out for longer than about 6 hours.
Omg! I can do a banana tetra if I peg my nose!! The other 2 taste like metal and actually made me vomit when I tried them. Instantly rejected. Less calories mind you!!!

I've never tried any bars........ Also choc and coconut as well lemon! Mmmm!!! I want!!!

I've had a hard day. Bf came and he's had chinese and all sorts. Am not hungry but jealous!!!!! It's all in the mind....
yeah i don't like the tetras, but i couldn't do the diet at work otherwise - or go out for longer than about 6 hours.
I have some in my fridge for days out too as like you say it would be hard to go out for the day xx
I usually add a bit of skimmed milk to the tetras. And quite a lot of ice cubes. They seem to be more filling. Not that I want to encourage bad habits here.:D But I'm most days doing the SS plus so milk is allowed.
I pretty much like most things except the soup - even when I tell myself its just like cuppa soup I cannot stand it! :)

Love the choc mint & banana shakes, strawberry & summer fruits I have to be in the mood for and vanilla is my back up when I can't decide what to have! lol.

I do like the apple & cinnamon porridge, makes me feel like I've actually eaten something but the other porridge flavours are a no no for me. I haven't tried any bars yet, just think that if I have them then I will just feel hungry as I've been able to 'chew' something and then might fall off the wagon spectacularly.
I like the malt toffee bars but they are a bit too moreish. I always want a chocolate bar after I've had a malt toffee. I'm not keen on the crunchy ones. They're a bit hard.
I'm going for weigh in tonight, might get some of these bars to see what they are like :)

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