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Hi Marie, I started off by trying every flavour of shake/soup - I personally hated the soups, but enjoyed most of the shakes. I now live on 4 different flavours - chocolate, choc mint and vanilla (made hot with a spoonful of coffee - yum!) and the ready made banana tetra packs which are great when I'm out and about. Enjoying the shakes makes it so much easier to stick to!

Corinne x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
ok - be honest all you guys on the cambridge diet - what are the flavours really like...I am on w8 matters (week 2) and have to say think all the shakes are foul (personal opinion!) wonder if I would have been better on cd - what's your opinion??????

I started off with Lipotrim so if W8 taste anything like that I understand. I use to almost vomit and couldn't drink a whole one till day 4. CD has so many more choices than some of the other VLCD plans. I'm sure your'll find some your'll like.


Hi can defo recomend CD,but would sugest you try making up your shakes in a different way before you decide I only like mine made with 4/5 ice cubes and approx 150ml of cold water in blender for 30 secs or so it really makes a difference to the taste.Or try psyllium husks to make a porridge I have this once a daylook for vcld pack recipes on here xxxx
I like most of the shakes, don't like the soups unless they're made into poppadoms and adore all the bars especially peanut and cranberry. Everyone is so different tho...I love the choc tetra but I think the banana one has a weird fishy aftertaste lol!
I bought some W8 shakes while waiting for my first appointment with my CDC. I found them absolutely disgusting. I was overjoyed with the difference in the quality of the CD shakes. Most of the CD shakes are gorgeous. I could and would never have done this diet on W8 shakes and would never recommend them.

Deb G

Silver Member
I've been very impressed with the LL food. I am fussy at the best of times, and I thought I'd have a long, hard slog with this diet - but I've REALLY enjoyed it! So much so, that when I have finished the diet altogether, I'm still going to buy the cranberry bars and choc (to make muffins) as a treat!

I'm also intending to go low-carb (veggie) long term as my maintenance plan - that's not to say I won't have the occasional pizza....but it'll be just that......OCCASIONAL!
I find I have to think of the packs almost as medicine - not as something to be enjoyed necessarily. Having said that, there's enough choice on CD to find something you can bear. I have toffe and walnut and vanilla packs in coffee, spicy tomato, chicken and mushroom and chilli soups and chocolate orange, chocolate mint and chocolate tetra as hot chocolate in the evenings. I also sometimes make banana into mousse (usually not very successfully). I hate all the bars and don't like the shakes made up as shakes - they're very thin (I did LL where the shakes are very thick and creamy) and can't bear the banana tetra because, as Frejja said, it tastes of fish. Metallic fish, sprayed with hairspray. Of course you may enjoy that........!
I'm glad someone has said the banana tetras aren't nice as I hate banana flavoured stuff so have avoided them!!!!
well thats a funny thing! I hate bananas! find them replusive.......but I like the banana tetras and have one nearly every day for brekkie...easy to grab as I rush out the door to do school run and start the day (as a childminder) I also like the banana shakes. I didnt have them first time I did CD as I didnt think I would like them but I do and they are now part of my staple diet!!
Try everything once..at least that way you have given yourself the chance to have a large variety of packs.
Good luck Lou X

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