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Hiya Kim yes that is the same stuff. I got it from their store and its quite expensive. Lots of people have found it in the high street supermarkets ie tesco Morrison and Sainsburys for a fraction of the price. Thats where i'll be going next.....if I hadnt thought I was clever and bought 2 packs from Holland and Barrat lol!! its also known as linseed and found in the cooking aisle or the 'alternative' aisle as in gluten free etc i red in one threan morrisons have it on offer at mo for about 50 p!!!
as Annie says

Tesco have it in the Freaks, Geeks and Weirdo aisle.


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Freaks and geeks haha
I'm going into town later so Holland and barretts is my only choice if I want it today, so I'm willing to pay a bit more because I won't have chance to get out this weekend and I'm dying to try the MiM's!
Hey everyone I got the flaxseed from tescos, But, Its awfully dark! Is this the right stuff? My Mims and pancakes are much darker than the pics on here!


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The brown flaxseed was half price when I went into the Julian Graves shop yesterday. The golden was quite deer. Will have a look in Sainsburys as someone said earlier in the post as it's alot cheaper. I have also read that coconut flour is also low carb. Anyone given it a bash yet?


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I went to a few Tesco's yesterday, but could only find flaxseed. Does anywhere sell it pre-ground?
Ours still has it, but it's a Tesco Max


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Ours stopped selling it weeks ago - fortunately our local market has a health food shop that sells it, so I go on a Saturday (only time I can get there as they have such odd hours) and stock up with bags and bags, although it is far more expensive than tesco was :-(
Bren xx


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I had a neb in our local independant health food shop today and they sell milled flaxseed 500g bag for £1.87, a 450g bag cost me £3.99 in my local Tesco :rolleyes:

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