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Flaxseed carb question - please help!


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Can I ask about the stuff I bought today in Tesco - Linusit milled flaxseed please?

Nutritional info on pack states per 100g - carbohydrate 35.0g, of which sugars 1.6g, and also fibre 32.0g. Adding fat protein carbs and fibre comes to 124g per 100g! So there's something wonky here. :confused:

I've just made a big cracker with 30g, so is that 10.5g carbs? Seems a lot compared with what people are allowing fo MiMs and stuff here? Or do I deduct the fibre - I didn't think you had to do that on british products. :confused:

Or is this stuff really high carb flaxseed or what? Could someone check the carb count on their pack to compare? There are no other ingredients or anything.

Thanks again for any replies. :)
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hmm...My flaxseed only has 1.3g of carbs per 100g.

It looks like yours is maybe american, with the fibre content not taken off the carbs? I'm not 100% sure tho, but I'm pretty confident there cant be more than about 3g carbs in 100g.

But I see what you mean http://www.tesco.com/superstore/xpi/5/xpi58979665.htm

Looks rather strange to me tho. Sorry for not being much help


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I bought flax seed (unground) from Holland & Barrett which is 0.7 carbs per 100g.



Never give up
Thanks. I'll assume it's 3g net carbs per 100g then. I made crackers with it and apparently they go down VERY well with the pate I also made. I'm practising for when I go Atkins in a few weeks. Would hate to scupper OH's diet in the meantime though...


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