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Flexi night!

Going to see Harry Potter this evening (very excited!!) then out to dinner to a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for ages. Going to resist the bag of pick and mix that I'd usually trough but there is no way I will be within syns at the restaurant....especially having looked at the wine list.

Have finally got into the mindset of this being a change for life, not just a few weeks so I can fit back into my ski trousers! One meal out of 21 in a week can't make that much difference :D
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Plodding on.......
Good on you. If the restaurant is really good, then go for it. Try to resist the extra stuff that you don't need (eg picknmix etc) which it looks like you are. Then whatever else you have, enjoy and don't feel guilty. I've had several meals out since I started. Sometimes I stick to plan if I can but if it's a really nice place then I have what I want and get straight back on plan the following day.

Hope it's as delicious as you think it will be.

Gail x
Awh im so looking forward to watching it, i think i'm going in work tomoz watch it with some of the kids but i was gonna go with my bf and we where gonna get sumthing eat.... but oh well i'll watch it twice least the first time is free haha
Enjoy ur night, i keep panicing about xmas as i'm going for a works meal then a meal with my bfs family xmas eve and i keep thinking i wanna try so hard but it's all set meals and nothing is even healthy it's all like meats and usual... So anyway i'll just have try extra hard to be as good as i can thou i do wanna enjoy myself over the next mth!
I dnt really know too much about flexi days and stuff x x
Well, Harry Potter was brilliant and I resisted the pick and mix. The meal afterwards was, as predicted, fantastic. Had mussels in a tomato and chilli sauce for starter (guess would have had some oil in but otherwise not too bad) then had a perfectly cooked (well, blue!!!) fillet steak with a very creamy sauce, lots of veg, sauteed potatoes and deep fried cauliflower (not something I would have thought of doing but very delish). 2 glasses of wine rather than my usual bottle and a half and was far too full to contemplate pudding!

Had a lovely evening, don't feel too bad about the extortionate amount of syns (not even going to try to add them up) and will be back on plan tomorrow morning.


Plodding on.......
and was far too full to contemplate pudding!
Too full for pudding ??????? Never !!! (unfortunately :eek:)

Sounds delicious though. Glad you had a good evening. Don't feel guilty though. That's what life is about !

Gail x


Strutting her stuff
I dnt really know too much about flexi days and stuff x x
Flexible syns are used for a once in a blue moon special night out. If you are planning one, the idea is that you work out in advance how any syns you will need, say 70 syns. On the day you count your syns usual but when you get to your limit you stop. The next day you get back on plan as normal without trying to cut back on your syns. If you do this, SW dont guarantee a loss, but the idea is that you should not feel guilty as you were still in control of your eating

You cannot have a blow out eating whatever you want and then call it a flexi day because it was not planned and you clearly were not in control ;)

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