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flexi syns?!


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:confused: I know how flexi syns work, set yourself a realistic limit and stick to it but every week my boyfriend and I have people over and get through a lot of booze, we dont drink any other time during the week however can you do flexi syns EVERY week. Otherwise Ill be stuck having 4 vodka and diet cokes and thats it on a Saturday night :cry:no fun. Im only 18, I want to be able to have a good drink at the weekend.

Last week I ended up having 50 syns on the Saturday then made the final 20 for the week last, it did drive me mad though only having a limit of 2/3 syns a day and ended up having 73 syns last week in total even though my consultant has told us to stay at 70 a week.
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Nanny Jax

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Abigail I have no Idea why your consultant has "Told us" to have 70 syns a week? but there is a girl in our class who has been on the SW plan since January and she has lost over 3 stones, she lives on free foods, and saves all her syns 105, for vodka, she has done this since she started and this week she was slimmer of the week again, she has been lots of times, my friend who is on WW has a drink most weekends and she does'nt even count it! but always manages a little loss, she insists vodka does'nt count lol. A double vodka and coke is 5 syns you did'nt really have 10 on saturday did you!!! We are all different i guess so what works for some does'nt work for others you will eventually realise what you can get away with, but I think flexi syns are meant for special occasions. Shame in it? :)


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You are only 18. Enjoy yourself. As Jax said, you will learn what you can get away with. I am having a vodka right now, I rarely count vodka if I have the odd one but if I am having a session I will be realistic and use the flexi Syns. It's 2.5 Syns per single shot. Use free mixers and 'borrow' Syns from other days.


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If I know Im going to have a lot to drink then I save my syns from that day and borrow from the next day - and its never been a problem for me x

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