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I put a post the other day about having had a massive blow out and over eating and have really high syns.
A member wrote back to me suggesting i take that day s a flexible syns day. which is a really good idea but i'm curious if many people have done these and if they work with the over all diet??
sorry if theres already a post about this but i couldnt see one so made my own
Lauren xX
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Flexi synning is more planning in advance when you know you have something coming up where you will find it hard to stick to plan. You set yourself a certain limit, say 30 or 50 syns or whatever and stick to that in the knowledge you may not lose that week to stop you stressing out about it. Its more about having at least some control over something that you know you wouldn't be able to stick to 5-15 syns on eg a wedding party, whatever.

Once youve overdone it on some occasion unplanned theres not much point flexisynning it. Its done, thats it. It doesnt matter what you call it, blow out, flexisynning, off-plan, hatstand - its not going to make any difference to your weight loss, just draw a line under it. Its over so you can now get back on plan.

Just forget the blow out and dont stress about however many syns it was - just start afresh today, sticking to your plan of 5-15 syns a day. Good luck x :)
great advice cheers!!!!
i need all the help i can get as i'm prone to blow outs and being bad even tho i dont feel deprived on the diet at all
Lauren xX
I think what the other poster was referring to is using your syns on a weekly basis rather than flexi-synning. You start the week with 105 syns and then work down. So if you have more syns one day you can recover by by having fewer on another day. Many people do this and it works for them although SW do not recommend it because it can lead to binging. But at least this way you are still stying with your syn allowance rather than just having a blow out and conveniently forgetting about it the next day. it sounds like this may suit you better.
Yeah, it depends how high the "massive" and "really high" is I guess. If its loads and loads its best to just forget it and start again, but if its not that bad then yes cutting down on syns for the rest of the week can work OK.

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