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Extra Easy Flexible syns


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Different people have different opinions. One is that you may have gone over your syns one day (say 20 instead of 15) so only have 10 the next day to make up for it. The other is that if you know you are going to go over, at a wedding or night out for example, that you plan say 50 syns, but stop when you get to 50. And be aware you may not loose that week but be aware why.

This is what the SW website says:
If extra Syns are needed for a special occasion, that's OK too. Flexible Syns are another way in which slimmers are put in control of their weight loss campaign. Flexible Syns empower slimmers to accept that the occasional over-indulgence doesn't mean that they have failed. It gives them flexibility for those times when they need more than their usual Syn allowance, providing a great psychological advantage. So long as they keep counting, Flexible Syns enable slimmers to stay aware and in control and an extra fifty or a hundred Syns one day is an awful lot less damaging than what happens when they stop counting altogether.
Like Free Foods and Healthy Extras, Syns are there to provide optimum choice power and flexibility for practical, realistic and successful long term weight management.


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Yeah, it is a bit confusing but basically it means that if you know that the 15 syns is not going to be enough for a special occasion, then plan what will and stick to that, then just get back on track next day.

SW officially do not encourage 'catching up' or 'saving' syns, but I think most of us would do a little bit of this if we are honest!



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It's so we don't fall spectacularly off the wagon and lose all control of what we eat.
You calculate roughly what you will need and stick to it. You can indulge but still keep a handle on it.

Like Natt says though, you may not lose weight that week but you shouldn't gain and you will know why you haven't. It's good because when we have a special occassion or night out we can be tempted to think s*d it, I've got that night out so I may as well not bother with SW this week. Flexible syns can control that!


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Also, its all about not letting yourself think that you have blown it for the week which causes us to carry on eating badly.
I'm sure most of us have done that at some point!
You know the scenario, you have a naughty night out and think 'sod it' the next day, and the day after, and the day after that and then think 'oh what the heck, I'll just go back to it after the next weigh in. You are more likely to get back on track the next day if you know that by having the allowed syns, albeit many more than usual, its still sticking to plan.
Just remember, 1 'bad' day will not ruin a whole week of hard work!


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Just remember, 1 'bad' day will not ruin a whole week of hard work!

Or as I like to think of it, if one flower in a bouquet dies, you wouldn't throw away the whole bunch! :rolleyes:


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works really well. I've used it two or three times. Stuck to it and felt no guilt and still lost the weeks i've done it!


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Thanks for all the info guys. I have been a bit worried about some nights out I have coming up so feel a bit more relaxed now.

Only started so dont want to fall off the bandwagon just yet


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