flexible syns

victoria sponge

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hello hun,if you calculate that you have 105 syns a week(thats based 15 per day)then mark them off as and when you use them it should be ok,but be carful..thats my advive xx
Yep syns are flexible like that, but I always make sure I "save them up" before using extra at the weekend rather than making up for it later, that way I know I wont cheat and let myself forget about them.


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Some consultants say that this is fine and others dont. My Consultant doesnt think its a good idea, something to do with a metabolism. I think if you have your "naughty" day a few days before WI then you should be fine.

I eat what I like after WI. I usually have a takeaway and a little pud and then back to normal the next day. Try it and see if it affects your losses. I think you will be fine!


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I rally wanted my start day to be a monday not a friday but I joined friday :cry:id rahter save than have to gain them back :)