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Florida....you made me fat!

Hey guys,
Well, for those of you that 'know' me, I'm back from Florida after having the best year of my life to date...The only problem is that all my enjoyment lead to me landing on the scales at 11st 7lbs. However I'm back now, I know the syn values of everything in tesco as opposed to Walmart (oh so grim) and am ready to go!

Today's my first day back and I'm just trying to get my bearings again ...as best I can around jetlag.

Tuna pasta bake- 60g pasta, 40g cheese (hea1), 60g Philly (hea2), tuna (heb), mushrooms, pepper and onion.

Pineapple, apple, banana, muller light
Hifi bar (1/2HEB 2)

I'm sure I'll have a snack later too.

Now I know the plan has changed and green and red no longer exist? Does anyone still do them? Green is what I'm used to so that's what I went for today and I'm going to read up on the new plan tonight.
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Ok, so upon reading the new plan I have decided I'm going to stick with what I know (mainly green days with some EE), until it doesn't work anymore. I like the option of extra HEX's,plus it's cheaper!
However, today, as my mum did this weeks shop for me (wee gem) I'll be doing EE.

Jetlag has me all over the show so I've just had breakfast

2 lynda mccartney red onion and rosemary sausages (free as far I'm aware, but if that's changed please let me know), 1 egg, Nimble (HEXB), beans and mushrooms.

Just goes to show how long I've been away as I completely forgot about the mushrooms until everything else was ready. Gonna really aim for 1/3 sf in each meal.

Ended up only being grapes as I slept through it!

Prawn stir fry - noodles, soy sauce, prawns, mushroom,onion and pepper. I've really missed prawns in America,mainly cause they sell them with the heads on over there...not the little shelled beauties that Tesco have.

No syns used today,oops, though I'm enjoying not eating rubbish at the moment so it may be a few days before any quality syn usage!
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Thanks for the welcome ladies. It feels very strange being back, nothing has changed...apart from my clothes don't fit haha! Hope you've all been keeping well and sw is going good.
Oh good that makes me feel better knowing that other people are still doing them :) dunno why I'm worrying as I know they work but you know me.
Day 3- Green.
2 LM Sausages, toast (HEB), egg and mushrooms. 2 syns of ketchup.


Tuna pasta bake. HEB2 of tuna, HEA cheese, HEA2 of philly, mushrooms,onions, sweetcorn and peppers

It's frustrating how easy I'm finding it getting back in to the swing of things. If only I'd tried harder in Florida my size 8 jeans would look like they would almost close lol!
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Eek look at all you lovelies popping in to say hello:) Hope you're all doing well. It's fair to say jet lag is still kicking my a$$ as I went to bed at 7am and woke up there now so lunch isn't happening today lol! Oops!
Thanks Michelle :)

Day 4- Saturday
Sleep pattern is still messed up. Grr

Pineapple, apple, banana and a muller light.

HEB toast, beans,mushrooms HEA cheese

Prawn stir fry - mushroom, onion, peppers, sweetcorn, soy sauce.

Will add syns as and where necessary. :)
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First weigh in tomorrow, the nerves are kicking in now...always the way with me. In fairness to myself I've only been on plan since Wed so it will have been 4 days on plan instead of a week, but Sunday has traditionally been my weigh day. Hoping for maybe 3lb off? My scale hopping shows me it should be in and around there.

Tomorrow, we're having Christmas dinner, as obviously I missed it whilst I was in Florida. I've asked mum to do my potatoes in fry light as opposed to goose fat, my main issues will be the stuffing, 1 bacon roll (cause who can resist that) and then the gravy. The only blessing is, it's the start of the week,plus the way my sleep pattern is at the moment it may end up being my only meal of the day!
Hi Jenna, here to sub too and follow your journey back to target...
I also continue to follow the green plan...and my own rules as I have some strange dietary needs.

I've stayed in the States for a few weeks and oh...all those foodie places everywhere I looked amazed me! :eek:

Wishing you success for your 1st weigh in...and oh...Christmas dinner, yummo!!!
Well, first weigh in over. 3lbs off in 4 days. Can't be bad to that.As I've said, today is 'Christmas Dinner' which I'm looking forward to. Will be my only thing off plan this week a I'm feeling super determined. Straight back on it once I've munched the last piece of turkey and stuffing :)

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