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Fluid retention remedies anyone?


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Hi, I have been on cd for 10 weeks and my losses have been great. My totm has been arriving on time each month but only lasting 3 days which I don't have a problem with. However this week I seem to be retaining fluid around my tummy and my scales are saying I have stayed the same all week. My weigh is on Monday and I really need to shift it, does anyone have any suggestions. I am going to be so upset if I have stayed the same as I have stuck to cd all the way :(.
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loving life
Anybody :(
Drinking more water is one of the best ways to lose retained water! That's why natural diuretics like celery and cucumber work - they are mostly water!
Other than that, there are some herbal remedies that you could try? Some herbal teas are good - why not pop into Holland and Barrett? xx
All im gonna say is if you are retaining water for totm then it will show next week anyway with a huge loss :) i Know its crap when you lose a tiny amount but what can we do?

Take a measure of yourself instead around your hips/legs and see the difference that way this week?
You still have until Monday to lose water, I personally wouldn't recommend using diaretics, but thats just me ;) xxxx


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I've started taking a daily supplement of Himalayan crystal salt, as recommended by my CDC who is a trained nutritionist. The idea behind is that salt enables the cells to be hydrated and therefore does not retain excess water. I have to say it's definately worked for me- I'm able to drink less water ( I still have at least the recommended amount) but when I'm weighed (my CDC checks water too) I'm showing I'm better hydrated too!! The type of salt is important- normal table salt is basically sodium choloride which is no good for you at all. If you'd like anymore details, pm me :D

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