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Fluoxetine / Prozac

I could REALLY do with some help please!!! I have been a diligent follower of WW for many years and on the whole have got on very well with it.. I started taking Fluoxetine (prozac) about 6 months ago and have gained a stone in that time.. I am so so so careful about my points and know that I stick within my values all the time.. Im veggie so love the fact that fruit is free and honestly believe Im eating better now than I ever have done before... I just cant lose this weight... can anyone help me... PLEEEASE :eek:(
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prozac does cause weight gain, the problem is that antidepressants will slow your metabolism. online it says " the average person can expect to gain between 20 and 30 pounds while taking this drug"

sorry that's probably not the answer you wanted. :(


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Hi - I started taking fluoxetine mid-December. I did put on some weight at first but it was also Christmas so I really can't put that down to the drug. I started WW in January and it doesn't appear to have affected my weight loss at all. If anything I find that because my mood has lifted and I have become more enthusiastic about things again, I have made a real committment to the plan and have become a regular exerciser, and of course, exercise itself is supposed to be good for depression.

Not that any of this helps you, but this is my experience. Is there maybe anything you can do like more exercise? You may be doing that already but you haven't mentioned it.

I also try to keep a little journal in which I set a few small goals for myself like track everything I eat, earn x number of activities points, walk to station and back instead of getting the bus etc - it's normally more or less the same thing every day, but it is satisfying to tick them off. I also write something down which I did well just to give myself a pat on the back and something I am grateful for - just small things like it is a sunny day. And then if I think I deserve it, I stick a gold star in lol. It probably sounds a bit daft but it is supposed to lift your mood and the daily goals keep me on track.
Just thought i would let you know that I started taking fluoxetine in october 2010 and am still on them now. When i first started taking them i would guess that i probably out on half a stone, if not a full stone! I went from a 10/12 to a size 14!
They say its meant to life your mood, it did! . . . but it also knocked me for six, i was sleeping 12 hours at least and although although saying this i was still managing to go to the gym which i had only started a month previously, although with much less gusto!
I started ww nearly 3 weeks ago and have been losing weight, but i think this is because i am now used to my meds, i would maybe give it a month, or maybe more if youve got the perserverence as by this time fluoxetine will be starting to harmonise itself, if not dont suffer in silence, punishing yourself on a diet when your not losing any weight probably wont improve your moods :(
I really hope this helps and that both the ww and the fluoxetine begin to work for you x


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st10lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st2lb(1.11%)
Yes, when I started it I was so tired for the first week, but then for about three weeks a felt like I was off my face - I was high as a kite. Making Christmas dinner was a breeze because i was on Planet Zog somehere lol and it was ready half an hour earlier than I said rather than the usual hour late. Then I went through a stage of about another three weeks feeling quite detached emotionally. So it was about 6 weeks or so for me for it to settle which is about what they say. Now I feel normal, but more in control of myself and more interest in life. It's like me but a bit better.

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