Flying to States - Will Tetra Pakc be okay in my suitcase?


Hope someone can help me.

I am flying to New York on Saturday, and whilst I am not allowed to take any CD foodpacks on the flight - Yippee 7 and a half hours of water only!! (NOT!!!)

I am keen to find out whether tetra packs will be okay packed in my case, I am worried they might explode with the pressure change.....if any one has travelled will tetras, on a flight please can you let me know, otherwise it will have to be shakes, and I think that having to carry a blender and stuff around with me, will just make it even harder for me to try and enjoy my shopping trip!!!

I flew to Spain with tetras. I had to open the flaps to allow expansion room, and they did ok. Not sure how they would cope on a flight to US though :confused:
Can you not get a letter to allow you to take the foodpacks on?
Just before I transfered to CD, one of my LL group flew abroad and the LLC had some kind of letter for her / countersigned and stamped by her GP saying they were part of a medical diet and therefore she could take sachets on?

I carried tetras back from Newcastle in the hold of the plane last weekend. They did get a little squashed in transit but were fine.

If not can you take a bar on?

Kitty xxx
Marie tried to take her tetra's with her but customs took them off her (she had a letter) - she got them back when she got back to the UK so did not lose out BUT could not SS in the US as was her plan - I am sure she will be around later to tell you what they said.

CDC Swindon
Marie tried to take her tetra's with her but customs took them off her (she had a letter) - she got them back when she got back to the UK so did not lose out BUT could not SS in the US as was her plan - I am sure she will be around later to tell you what they said.

CDC Swindon

I wondered if that may be the case as it's a nightmare to get foodstuffs into the US. They are determined that you will eat the same junk that they do!

When we went through customs on a day trip from Canada to the US they took a huge bunch of grapes off us that we had bought to snack on throughout the day to avoid the fast food restaurants. The explanation was that even though the grapes were imported from US to Canada as they were grown for the Canadian market they wouldn't have been sprayed with as many pesticides as those in US stores!!! It was so frustrating.

Dizzy x
You wnt be able to take tetra packs into the usa, the will take them off you, they are very hot on taking foodstuffs into the country, ring the us embassey in london but they will tell you the same, even tetra packs of baby milk isnt alowed in,
It's not just the foodstuffs thing. You aren't allowed to take ANY liquids on a flight from the UK. They took my bio-oil off me!!!!!!
i am a flight attendant and live part time in the usa, have been takjing cd in and out of usa for past month

as long as you declare the tetras you CAN take them into the usa IN YOUR HOLD LUGGAGE

however i advise taking packs instead as they are less frowned upon as us customs seem to class the tetras as dairy - and it all depends on the day on which officer you get!

bars and powder packs are not an issue leaving the uk so you can put a couple in your carry on to have on board

if in any doubt talk to teh check in agent before you check your hold baggage in and then you can swap things over before its too late

i say this because it changes day by day and it looks as if from next week small amounts of liquid might be allowed on board in cabin baggage once again
I went to Canada via US at the weekend. I had packs (no tetras) in my hand luggage and they were taken from me as they were food. The ones in hold luggage were fine.

Liquids were not allowed on flight so tetras not - but you can take bars on which I did and I have them on the flight.

I think if you put it in the hold luggage you should be fine.

Hi Texas Girl

Hope you had a fab time at Nigara Falls on your birthday!!!

Guessing you're still there. Have a lovely time. I love Canada and lived there for 2 years. I bet it's pretty chilly now and so exciting as it's Halloween! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Dizzy x
Thanks to everyone who has replied.

Well, I have checked with the US embassy and they have said that bars and packs in the hold luggage will be fine, ans i am picking up my letter from LL counsellor tonight, the tetras which my partner takes on CD will just have to stay at home.

I will also take a bar in my handbag for the flight, never have liked the food dished out on planes!!!!!!!!

Although i must admit my plan in the states seeing as it is my holiday is to have pack for breakfast bar for lunch and a sensible low carb meal in the evening, I LOVE seafood and there are some of the best seafood and sushi restaurants in new york, so will be going out for dinner every night, I am hoping that all the walking will mean that I dont gain any weight, I am not expecting to lose either, but to stay the same weight will be just fine.

What have any of you done with regards to eating whilst on holiday and what have the consequences been??

I would be really interested to find out?????
Skinny: Glad you got an answer. Have a fab time in New York and I am sure you will burn plenty of calories with all of that walking.

Dizzy: I'm back from Canada unfortunately. Just went out for a long weekend - thurs morning till sunday night. Did lots and lots of walking, Niagara was beautiful with the autumn colours.

Hi Texasgirl

How extravagant to fly to Canada for just a long weekend. It takes me about a week to get over the yet lag!

Hope you are feeling OK. A birthday to remember thats for sure. Canada is beautiful in Autumn but the cold soon sets in. Still beautiful in winter too actually, god you'll be making me blue missing it. I do need to start writing letters to all my Canadian friends and neighbours for Xmas so good to be thinking of them at this time.

I got totally addicted to take out coffee in Canada. Did you stop at any Tim Hortons?

Dizzy x
Dizzy: I dont drink coffee - but we went to see the Toronto Argonauts play on Sat afternoon and they were giving lots of Tim Horton stuff away at the game.

We fly to the States a lot, been quite a few times for just 4 days this trip was the shortest one yet at 3 days and I have to say it was the only trip where I have not had any jetlag.

Flight on the way over via chicago was empty due to a heavy cargo so only 15 people in economy - flew at 6.30am had to be up at 2.00am so grabbed 5 seats in the middle and slept for 7 hours LOL then on way back we left at 6am in the morning landing at heathrow 10pm at night just in time for bed so no jet lag again!

Now you have said that about your Canadian friends reminds me to get all my overseas xmas cards ready. i used to live in Texas (hence the name) and so I better get cracking too!