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Following my own advice!!!!

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I think we are all sometimes guilty of giving others advice, that we ourselves find hard to follow when in a similar situation.
However I am so glad I posted style-Queen yesterday, as after a saintly week I had a massive blip yesterday. No it wasn't because it was weekend,as I went to the pub and just had water. It was because Mr T was on one of his face like a smacked bottom days,blaming me for all our problems. My dad has frontal lobe dementia which has left him very aggressive,I lost my mum when Master T was a baby,mother-in-law shall we say part of the reason Mr T is an overgrown spoilt sulker and all my good mates got issues of their own so didn't want to bother them....................so I had a drink then dialled a pizza BUT luckily the pizza was horrid and most of it went in the bin,I dusted myself down and thought what good has this done so went up to bed at 8.15 to end my 4 hour blip.
Like I told style-queen,this was just a blip and it will be off by Tuesday.............it is much easier giving advice than following it,but I am so pleased I had spent so much time on here this week reading blip support from others,because it was all fresh in my mind.
Being honest Mr T is part of the reason I comfort eat and like a wee wine most nights,and I have lost bags of confidence being with him so I will not let the emotional pain he causes me allow me to self-sabotage.
Sorry for the waffle,I suppose I was writing this post to remind myself why I must do this for me.
Thanks for reading. x
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Hiya sweet,

Well this post has certainly opened my eyes and made me realise how easy it is to take my life for granted...

I think you are so ao brave for facing your demons and being strong enough without any support around you to take the positive steps to het your confidence back.

You sound like an absolute saint! Issues or not your friends should be there for u, and it's a shame they aren't, some people need a good shake but there we go!

Well done for moving on from you bad couple of hours, it funny how you imagine your missing out sooo badly
on all this yummy food, o ly to find when you have it it tastes sh*tty and makes you feel even worse fr eating it!

New day startin hunni followed by a new you, show that grumpy husbAnd of yours that you are your own person and maybe food poisoning the mother in law would teach her a lesson?!!

Anyways, onward an downward hun, best of luck xxx
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Mrs Taurus you need diet buddy, somebody who when your having a bad time and tempted to eat keep you on the straight and narrow. I will be your diet buddy, I come on here, I am on Facebook and will also give you my mobile number so you can text or chat. If you had somebody to talk to yesterday, had a little rant and then calmed down I don't think you would of ordered that pizza. I hope you are back on track today and put last night behind you. x
I can't really offer any advice, but I know what it's like not having anyone to talk to, or at least not feeling like you could talk to certain people about most things.

Although you had the blip, you have already learnt from it and moved on, which is the most important thing. Well done.
Hey hon, Sounds like you did amazingly well given the circumstances that led up to you wanting to eat. Well done.
We know that being on CD is not only a body-changing diet, but also a mind-changing one too. It opens us up to a lot of reasons and evidence as to why we are the way we are and sometimes that can be a bit too much for some, hence the vicious circle spins once more.
You must remember that despite outside negative influences, on here you are amongst friends and supporters who are willing you to do well and want you to succeed.
I know it's tough when family situations and personal relationships impact negatively onto your life, but take it one step at a time.
Life is marathon, not a sprint! (mmmm, marathon!)
I'm here if you need to chat or offload hon. Just DM me anytime. xx


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bless you,i know how it feels to be around an overgrown toddler,my oh is the original man-child,i dont get any support from him,i feel he realy enjoys seeing me fail on my dieting,but i dont know,i feel this is my time ,i am not going to let him ruin this for me.im not going to fail this time just to show him!
god sorry had a bit of a rant there.anyhoo mrs taurus,just put that little blip behind you ,and keep on with the good work.xx


staying positive
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hi, im new to this forum and starting the CD next week once i get my appointment with the CDC, just wanted to say keep your chin up and keep going, its a new day today so start afresh :) xx

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