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Following on from turket rashers.... Chocolate Weetabix?

I love them.. but like all the weetabix i have, they have to be warmed up. I also add one sweetner :)
Im not a cereal person i have bought them for my son but not tried them myself :D he seems to like them thou!!


Silver-Haired Hottie
What if you served them with Chocolate Almond Breeze, to intensify the chocolate experience? (No such thing as too much chocolate!) I get the 45-calorie/8 fl. oz type, and it's 1 Point of heaven!!


Silver-Haired Hottie
Almond Breeze is a variety of almond milk. It comes in regular, chocolate & vanilla. It's usually in the supermarket with the soy milk, etc., in those large brick-shaped packs that look like giant juice boxes. If you read Hungry Girl's newsletter, she uses it a lot.
They're 2.5 points and they're very, very nice. I do prefer Ready Break chocolate though, the porridge melts much better with skimmed milk when warmed up and it's just lovely the full-tummy feeling you get :)
forgot to add.. they're 2.5 points for 2 biscuits. Ready Break Chocolate porridge is only 1.5 points for 30 grams, and that means 1 point less than the weetabix chocolate, and it's nicer in my humble opinion! Have you ever tried it?


Silver-Haired Hottie
What about regular oatmeal with cocoa powder and canned pumpkin added to it? Very yummy, and I love the idea of having something dessert-y for breakfast. In the summer, I make parfaits with yogurt and berries.

In the US, they have Chocolate Cheerios. I think a serving is 2 Points. <envy>
Oooh not had ready brek since I was a kid. Really fancy it now! Will get some next time I am at the supermarket.

yes do pinkyfluff, they have now 3 variety of ready break, the original one, the chocolate one and the one with honey, which I still haven't tried as I love the chocolate one too much.

The good thing about the chocolate one is that it's the exact same number of points as the original variety but tastes lovely even with the addition of only skimmed milk, while I always have to pour some yogurt on the original one, or some sweetener in it, or I don't like its taste :)
Chocolate cereal is wrong in my opinion! No offence!! Hehe! I did try the weetabix chocolate cos my OH bought some and i had run out of normal ones and i really didn't like it. Too bitter.... if they were made with Dairy Milk on the other hand, i might like them! ;)

I absolutely LOVE Ready Brek!! How do you point that?? Havent had it for YEARS!!
I just enter calories and sat fat on my ww scales and have seen that it's 1.5 points up to 30 grams. 31 becomes 2 points LOL so I always have 30 grams :)