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Food Changes

what changes to your eating habits have you made since joining WW ??

My main things are:

* Thinking "do i really need that??" before eating something and making healthier choices!

- Swapping Coke for Diet Coke / Lemonade for Diet lemonade
- Having a Beef Burger instead of a Cheese Burger
- Swapping Chips for a Jacket Potato
- Having a Jacket Potato without Butter
- Having 1 tbsp of Ketchup instead of 2 or 3
- Having Lighter Choice Ready Meals instead of High Calorie ones ..... and buying the meals for 1 and not for 2 and eating it all to myself .... or even ones for 4 and having it between 2 of us + the extras, e.g. Garlic Bread !

* Looking at the callories and working out the pp's of EVERYTHING before i buy it / Eat it (where possible) ... where as before when i went shopping i would go "ohh that looks good" and in the trolley it would go :D

* (maybe not a habit, but ....) Realising how far i have come already ! ..... i went shopping with my dad the other day and he brought a pack of 2 chocolate sponge puddings and they were 355 kcal EACH !! ... thats 11 pp ... for a small 120g dessert !!! ... then he had custard with it !! .... i was so surprised !!! i would have done that too before the diet and now the sponge pudding alone was what i'd have for a meal let alone a dessert !! :eek:

thought it would be good to share to help others out too ..... (sorry if there is already a thread, i had a quick look but didn't see one)

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I think this thread is a great idea Bridesmaid-to-be.
I'm relatively new to WW propoints but so far the main things I've noticed are:
* weighing my food to get my portions right - was quiet shocked at the results
*using my calculator when shopping to make the best choices with that I bring into my house
*Enjoying a wider variety of food/meals - I'm actively looking for new recipes to try out all the time to keep me interested etc
*Using the spray oil for cooking - huge difference compared to Olive Oil
*Replacing my cheese & mayo usual's with the extra light alternatives

Overall my attitude to food has changed - I don't feel like I'm on a diet all the time with Propoints - its a life style change - one that has the great side effect of weight loss :D


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I love the idea of this thread! My biggest change has been that I (try to) decide every night what I'm going to eat the next day. This means that if work's manic and it's only about 2pm that I take a lunch break, I'm not grabbing the first thing I see but have already decided what it's going to be! Also if I get home late, I've already thought about what I'm going to have for dinner. Been managing so far although, for some reason, on Friday night at a friend's bbq despite having calculated everything I was going to have I found myself eating so much that I went a whole day's worth of points over :( I wasn't even drinking but still found myself eating 3 cupcakes. Oh well. WI today and then hopefully this week will be better...


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My attitude to food has changed so much since starting this. I also ask myself 'do I really want this?' the answer is invariably 'no!'

I plan my meals on a Sunday for the week and use the app to calculate the best choices while I'm in the supermarket.

I'm finding I'm enjoying cooking again and I'm enjoying not feeling satusfied rather than uncomfortably stuffed.

My biggest change is definitely my coffee intake. Previously a typical day of coffee consumption would be around 10 cups between 6am and 10pm. 2 points of milk in every cup and I was shocked to realise I was spending 18 points on milk alone. I'm down to a morning coffee after brekkie and a cup when I get home from work with water between (diluting orange at dinner time).
Why still have diet coke? Just drink water instead, soon you will learn that you do not "need" that coke. For burgers, wholemeal buns would be better than white (a glycemic index thing).
:strikeout_button: ...... because it had no pp's in it and i can !! :D

..... why do people drink wine ??

its just a drink too and also needs to be counted !! .... i don't drink wine but i don't tell everyone that does that they shouldn't have it and they can just drink water !

Also why drink Tea and coffee and have milk in it !! ??

everyone is different and we all have our things we choose not to live without.

i don't drink wine, i don't drink tea, i don't drink coffee (to add milk to so have to count) ..... instead i choose to have something that is PP free and that i enjoy drinking and that i find stops me feeling hungry ... which water doesn't do !

.......are you saying you only ever drink water and nothing else ?

I find diet coke or coke zero help curb cravings and makes me feel full. That's why I drink it!
same as me ! :) ... i find diet fizzy drinks make you fuller then water ... and have some flavour (other then weak fruit flavours if adding sugar free squash) .... also if they are free why not have them :)

i do drink water if its during exercise and when its really hot to stop dehydration but i must admit i don't like the stuff !



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Love this thread some of the things that I have noticed are:
*I eat slower and give my brain chance to realise that I am full, so I can now actually leave food on my plate.
*from weighing I have learnt what is a normal portion...not the family size ones that i was having before.
* I have realised that I can have a little of something which is nice and feel just as satisfied as when having lots! (Mainly chocolate)


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Oww good thread. amm some of my changes I think are......

  1. portion sizes
  2. amount of fruit and veg I eat
  3. the amount of cooking I do - before I could go 2 or 3 days without putting anything near the stove for me, I'd cook healthy meals for my daughter then ring the hubby to take us home take-away.:(
  4. adapting more recipies and trying new things - mmm butternut squash chips.
  5. actually forgetting about take away and cooking us a treat :eek:
  6. not eating just because other people are.
  7. going to a cafe and ordering a salad - a first for me!
  8. asking for food to be cooked without oil and dressings and sauces on side!
  9. feeling proud of myself - for feeding my family and myself in a healthy way - instead of feeling guilty!
  10. feel mentally more alert and feel much better about myself, instead of feeling tired all the time and lazy!
  11. Not smothering good food in sauces, just having a little to taste.
I could go on all day.....:D

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