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Food Fanatic!

Hey there fellow dieters/healthy eaters!

Just thought I'd start a little diary on here in order to record my most successful healthy meals - so I don't forget them, and so that others can share in my creations!

A little bit about me:

I've lost a lot of weight, and am still trying to lose a tiny bit more, and maintain my small frame - I'm petrified of being the dreaded F - A - T again!

I love healthy foods (or what I consider to be healthy anyway!) And I'm also a vegetarian. I've been a vegan twice before, but my parents tend to worry a lot about my health when I'm totally vegan, so in order to satisfy their worries, I've decided to stay vegetarian for now, and hopefully take up veganism at university!

That's about it really. I'll post a couple of my latest favourite dishes in a moment! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

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My Absolute All-Time Favourite Salad!

The basis of my salad is Cucumber, Lettuace, Cress, and Cherry Tomatoes...then the fun starts!

Several hot, small New Potatoes are added to the mix, though sometimes I use the pre-made Garlic and Herb Potatoes, which are absolutely divine! And I also stick in a couple of (my favourite!) Falafel! - All warmed up nicely!

Next, I cook up some Baked Beans, with some melted Cheese (not TOO much!) - usually Edam, unless I'm being good and using the lower-cal cheeses! In with this, I mix up some of my beloved Sweetcorn!

Finally, I add a mix of Giant Maroccan Cous Cous, and some Spicy Cous Cous!

Mix it all together on the plate for a TASTE EXPLOSION!!!

Lunchtime Veggie Dish!

Cook up some Cauliflower (I make mine into a sort of 'Alternative Rice, and usually burn it, haha!) And then cook up some Mixed Veg - I use a staple tinned veg with Swede, Carrots, Potatoes, and Peas then add Sweetcorn!

Pour the Veg over the Cauliflower if you've made 'Rice' or something similar! Then add some Salt and Pepper!

Garnish with Tomatoe Ketchup, and a couple of Falafel, and you're there!

Personally, today, I had the Salad for Brekkie (Mad, but TASTY!) and the Veggie Lunch at Lunch!

The Salad in particular is VERY filling (or maybe that's just my massive portions and masses of Diet Coke! - okay, so I'm not completely nuts about being healthy...)

I hope some people will try these out and enjoy them; personally, I love them for the mixture of tastes they provide! Plus you can change things, like you can mix in Peppers, and other veggies, or you could exchange the Falafel for a diced Mushroom or Veggie or Bean Burger! (Or a real Burger, if you've not yet come to the Veggie Side!)

That's all for now!

Today was one of the 'big shop' days, so it was off to Tescos we we went!

I have discovered SALSA! Such a low calorie dip, which, it turns out, makes Celery Sticks all the more yummy!
In need of a sin free summer pudding?

Here's my favourite Sweet 'n' Fruity Sugar Fix Pudding!


1xGalaxy Probiotic Drink
Sugar Free Hartley's Jelly

In preperation:

Freeze a Banana (peel, wrap in tinfoil, shove in freezer), when the Banana is frozen, take it out and blend, put this into a pot/tub/bowl and re-freeze.

Unless you're cheating, and using the pots sold in shops (like moi), you'll want to make up some Hartley's sugar-free Jelly - Strawberry is best (I'm biased, of course ;p)

How to make:

Cut up the Strawberries and mix them together with the Jelly in a bowl, then mix the Galaxy Probiotic Drink with the Ice Cream. Place all together in a bowl, and WA-LAH. Yummyness. You could also add some Splenda at some point, if you really wanted...

You get your Energy-fix from the Banana, your Sugar-fix from the Jelly and Strawberries, and your Chocolate-fix from the Galaxy...and not much is exactly...bad...
I really love thick, gloopy veggie soup. My favourite is to get mixed frozen veggies (sweetcorn, green beans, peas and carrots), cook them, and blended with reduced sugar/salt tomato ketchup, salt, and a veggie stock cube =] Yum!

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