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Food Focus (questions)

I filled out the information on Food Focus (height 5'9", weight 211lbs, etc) along with when I would like to reach my goal (within 1 year, if possible) and according to the website my goal, calorie wise, is 1682 - that's without any kind of exercise, mind you. Does that seem a little high to anyone? Not that I am an expert by any means, but my husband said that he calculated and I should be eating around 1350 calories per day (before exercise) - he's not an expert, either. I prefer the 1682, don't get me wrong, I love to eat ( :sigh: ), but I don't want to sabotage myself from the start.

Also, when I put in my walks with my dog I just said that I was going 2mph as he is a very small dog (toy breed) and he likes to stop and sniff everything (he's still a puppy, so everything is new/interesting/exciting)- but it tells me that for 30 minutes a day I am burning 74 calories. That sounds a bit on the high side, too. Again, just making sure, I don't want to eat thoese 74 calories only to find out that I have only been burning 24 of them or some such.

So far so good, though it's only been 24 hours.
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A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Its all relevant to the individual- how heavy you are, how much you want to lose, how quickly you want to lose it etc. For example if you want to lose 1lb a week for 12mths to get to your goal, then you'll eat more calories per day than if you want to lose 2lb a week for 12mths? Does that make sense? Because you're 211lb at the minute I'd go with the higher amount to start with so your body isn't so shocked at the sudden drop? I love FF for logging my food/exercise, and the graphs showing your progress are great- plus its free!
I think I will stick with the food focus and just see how it progresses. My hubby doesn’t think I am doing the right thing, but the way I figure it, even if I am only burning a little bit each day (300-400 calories rather than 600-700 calories) it is all going to add up.

I really like Food Focus, very nice, especially for the price :D


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
LOL! Its definately an advantage! Think about it though- any reduction in calories will result in a little loss, hopefully enough to keep you motivated, and when you lose the weight you'll have a higher 'maintenence' level to play with!
Oh, I'm easy to please :); I lost less than half a pound per week over the last 3 months from walking my puppy and it was enough to get me excited about coming onto the forum and making bigger changes. If I lost a pound a week that would be thrilling!

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