food - has this happened to anyone else?


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Hi, I have just restarted SS after gaining all my weight and more:cry:

Just like last time, I have become obsessed with food. Not for me but for others. I spend hours cooking for the family and actually enjoy going to the supermarket. Before starting the diet I would have said I would have done everything to avoid food.

Has anyone else done the same since starting SS?
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Hi, I loved to cook for the family before cd and on it and found it quite theraputic. I have read quite alot of people say the same on here to. The other thing is loving cooking programmes lol. I think it's a good thing to do and show's determination, strength and will power. Good luck with your journey xx.


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You're not alone, I'm a bit like that as well. I enjoy cooking for my family (most of the time) and that's not changed since I started CD. The only thing I have had to watch is not tasting as I'm cooking, this was part of how I ended up so overweight - grated cheeese for the pie, grated cheese for me and so on! I have continued to sit down with the family to eat each evening I have my chilli soup (eaten from a bowl with a spoon) and I've not been tempted by what they are eating :)


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Oh my gosh! I thought i was the only one! I have become obsessed with cooking for my partner, I think the prep and smell of food really helps me. He told me off the other day saying i was trying to fatten him up becuase i feed him so often! lol :eek:

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I become a feeder on CD. I buy what I fancy, cakes included and feed them to my family lol


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lool im a feeder to! Iv started baking! made lemon drizzle cake,fairy cakes, tried to make homemade bread lol i make "proper" food too lol i love it!


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Yep me too love cooking for the family & I'm obsessed with cookery programs, Come Dine With me being my fave!! I think in a strange way not eating the yummy food I make has made food not threatening!

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When I started CD I became hooked on cookery programmes... I was already into e.g. Hairy Bikers on BBC2 or whatever but I found I was starting to hunt out foody stuff on those Sky channels like Watch and Food TV or whatever lol


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my frezzer suggests i like cooking for them

i spend HOURS looking for recipies online to test out on them, have also been baking cakes, even took one round to an ex when he asked if i would go visit him, lol


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The things that make us feel better about ourselves could be the key here. I love cooking and feel by continuing to do that for the family, watching them enjoy it, makes me feel good. Most of all, that I can be strict and have something different for me. The thought if I could have that .. but I won't!! Its motivating isn't it? The feel good factor, we all need it, lol. xx


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Ha ha me too, I have become the worst feeder ever! I also do something much worse, fortunately my friends are used to it.... I sniff food. It makes me feel better in an odd sort of way. I don't necessarily want to eat the food, but the smell just satisfies me. I'm crackers right?


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I'm a feeder too - my other half and son have never eaten so much - the only thing I can't cook for them is toast in the morning - if I ever end up going on a full on binge (which I wont) it would be over toast - I could easily eat a full loaf, slight exageration, lol