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  1. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    Hi folks. I was just remembering something my LLC said a long time ago about sometimes people reintroduce foods to find that it doesn't agree with them but they never realised before and I was wondering if as the food groups have increased, any of you have realised that there are particular foods that aren't suited to you?

    I have had a number of intolerances for some years to various fruits and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, melon, bananas...the list goes on. Used to make my mouth itch and swell up but my GP told me there was no evidence in my blood tests and if I "ate a few more then I'd probably be ok". I think it was just cos I was obese and he thought I was looking for excuses to avoid anything with nutrition! However, since starting RTM I have been a little experimental and tried the foods that previously didn't agree with me, out of interest - only to find that I have had no reaction. As the weeks progress I am going to try all those things that I have in the past struggled with. I did notice today that after having some blueberries and yoghurt that I've been full of trapped wind for the rest of the day. Don't know which to avoid so I'm going to eliminate one, and then the other. I'll be gutted if it's the yoghurt though :(
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  3. minime

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    Hi Kaalin, I'm new to LL but wanted to say the reaction you are describing to fruits/veg is like an anaphalytic reaction, your doc should have referred you on to allergy clinic so you could be tested. My sister is allergic to all fruit and some veg and needs to carry epi pens with her in case of this reaction. It may be that when you have eaten it lately it is in much smaller quantities, therefore no reaction, this reaction may reoccur if the amount increases.
  4. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    Hi minime. I realised later on that the dr should have referred me on, but by that point I started to avoid those foods as I knew what caused a reaction. I did find it didn't matter how small or large the quantity, it still reacted but I will take care just in case. It is strange (and unlikely!) if I've been miraculously 'cured' but going to give it ago. Thanks for your reply! :) xxx
  5. minime

    minime Gold Member

    It would be lovely if you were 'cured', my sister's diet is so bland because she has no fruit and veg.
  6. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    It was, it made going on a 'diet' very difficult so yeah would be fab! I do feel for your sis, it's horrible to have to avoid things completely! Hope your LL journey is going well :) xxx
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    I couldnot imagine a life being allergic to fruit and veg. How awful for her. :( That is really unfair.

    Kaalin I have had no ill efects - or unusual effects at all. All business as usual. :)

    Hope you are realy able to have those things now. It would not suprise me if your allergy is clear. Allergy's can go away. So fingers crossed that has happened. I used to be allergic to a lot of plants and trees and lawns - it was horrible. But - once day - they went. So we can change.

    Good luck to you!! Keep up the good work!

  8. Linze01

    Linze01 Full Member

    Hi Kaalin,
    I still avoid wheat and refined sugar. I eat wheat products probably once a month as a treat. I used to have major acne but my skin is totally clear now, and I'm convinced it's because I don't eat wheat or sugar.
  9. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    Hi Linze, thanks for your reply. I think most people would come out having an intolerance to wheat products but we are kind of brought up on it and just have it as a normal part of our diet! I think that both of those are something I'm will avoid where possible once I'm that far through RTM and back in the real world (which is a very scary prospect!):eek:
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