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Food pack recipes ?


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Hi Kat - it just makes things a bit more interesting at times. It is all allowed, butyou should only cook one pack a day, so it you make muffins, only have one - you can have the others, as long as they are not cooked. Cooking changes the vitamin cotent.

I made a lot of different things, it kep t me from getting bored. Then about the last 2 months, I just lived on Mint Chocoate shakes or ice cream. And that was me sorted to the end! So if the help you, you them!



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how do you make mint choc shake


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Kat, I tried the crisps once, made with soup packs amazing, I tried a savoury muffin with chicken soup, quite ok, have just made a chocolate muffin, it was THE MOST DISGUSTING thing I have ever eaten, vile does not begin to describe its awfulness, screw the texture and the chewing, stick with the shake and soup :)



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I love ice cream or my own frappucinos.
For ice cream just blend your favourite shake with lots of ice in a blender. I usually add one or two crushed sweetners. The more ice and less water you put the thicker the texture will be.

For frappucinos, blend choc shake with 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, sweetner and some water. Yum!
Or you can make a peppermint tea and use it in the shake instead of water. Lovely in this weather!


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also sorry to hijack thread how do you make mousse? on cambridge we had to mix it with gelatine and put it in fridge for half hour is it same with LL??

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