Food Poisoning


Nice and Normal
Hi guys,

Does anyone know anything about food poisoning? I've only ever 'ate something dodgy' previously and it has passed through within 24hrs, but the last I ate was Sunday and I'm being sick and have diarrhea now. I was on holiday just over 2 weeks ago and suffered with it then for about 4 days, but it seemed to clear up.

The only thing I'm concerned about is my mum had a friend who had got salmonella and it lasted about 6 months, continually coming back. I just didn't know how it works, whether it can lie latent in stomach and keep reoffending. Thing is I was fine when I was doing a VLCD when I came back from hols, but then started to get diarrhea again when I ate normal food.

I'm just hoping that I haven't damaged my insides by doing a VLCD, you hear all kinds of horror stories. Can anyone put my paranoid mind at ease?
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