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Food Poisoning


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I ate out at my local pub earlier for lunch and had gammon, egg and veg. It all seemed pretty well cooked.

A couple of hours later and I've had a little bit of a dicky stomach. Nothing too bad and it seems to have settled, for now!

Might sound like a silly question bit Does anyone know whether this could be food poisoning?
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Gotta agree with the others!!

I have had food poisoning and believe me when you do, you don't even need to ask!
Without going into horrible detail I didn't leave the bathroom for 3 days and felt weak after it for about two weeks

Hope you feel better soon, but sounds a bit like an upset stomach rather than food poisoning x
Usually food poisoning symptoms take around 12-24 hours after eating before they start seriously. That's when your body starts breaking the food down, digesting it and absorbing it.
You can sometimes feel a little off before hand.
Just be careful and drink plenty of water.
I hope you feel better soon :-D


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Some forms can start within 4 hours, if it's caused by a bacterial toxin- but you would have severe symptoms- and I mean severe! Been there and it's unmistakable!
I had food poisoning once after eating a pasty and had violent vomiting and diarrhoea. So I agree you'd really know if you had it!
I have had campylobacter from chicken that wasn't cooked properly and it took a whole 7 days for it to effect me - and was sooo ill, nearly ended up in hospital was so bad for at least 2 weeks without going into the details!!

Glad you are feeling better though

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