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Food Programmes on C4

Deb G

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Anyone been watching them? The Hugh Fearnley-Whittigstall, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey ones?

They've been really good - but the reason I've posted is to highlight a couple that may be of interest.

One is about Junk Food Addicts Going Native, and the other is by Jamie Oliver about what the nation eats, and what the Govt needs to do to help us be more healthy (like he did with school dinners). They're on in the next couple of days - so keep an eye out.;)
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Yes, I love cooking shows, especially Gordon, looking forward to his live show on Friday.
Sounds interesting, did you see the one about fowl dinners. I have just bought a free range chicken (for the family of course) after seeing that programme. I am a real meat luvver but it shocked me.
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Yes I watched them all last week and also signed up on the ChickenOut website Sign-up - and when I went to the supermarket I bought a free range chicken but there were only 2 there compared to absolutely loads of battery chickens and the shelving space was tiny. I really hope that a lot of people do change their eating habits after watching these.

I'm planning to watch this weeks programmes too :)


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I watched Jamie's Fowl Dinners and also the first installment of Hugh's programme. I bought free range this week after watching. Of course, I'll be on LL soon so it won't be an option for me, but I'll continue buying free range for my family. I was vegetarian for years in the past and am thinking of doing it again. I figure after being on LL for months, it shouldn't be too much of a problem afterwards...or maybe just eating fish but no other meat...I love fish. Hmmmm.
My free range chicken is in the Rayburn and smells lovely. I have just looked at it and it looks SOOOOOO nice I am gonna have to ask the OH to deal with it as I can feel a lapse coming on.



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I watched the first Hugh program last week, didn't see the others as I was at work but was in the supermarket yesterday morning and there was one organic bird on the shelf compared to about 30ish battery, "cheap" as chips birds. Not good. Ended up not buying it as I am struggling to control my urges for food at present and the smell of chicken cooking would drive me up the wall!!!
Looking forward to watching Gordon on Friday. I do like that man, just not sure why!!!!

Deb G

Silver Member
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Thanks for the link - I;ve signed up! I'm veggie, and always buy free range eggs, but it shocked my hubby so much he is now only buying organic free range meat from now on and he's sticking to Hellmans Mayo as they're going all free range in their products from Feb.
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Yes that was great news about Hellmans, got to say I was very impressed with them.
I'm a veggie too and a gardener so I get the River Cottage news letter. Hugh mentioned Chicken out months ago so I wonder if he roped in Jamie and Gordon to publicise?

I never buy factory meat and rarely get it from a supermarket - we use the local farm shop.

In fact when I am 'eating' DH eats what I eat as he doesn't want me cooking 2 meals and he is not a ravenous carnivore.

I think the main problem is that we consumers want everything dirt cheap and are happy to forgo quality if the price is right. Hopefully this will change as people get more educated
To be honest, the quality of meat from organic places is different class. I grew up on a farm and had fresh, free range eggs, chickens and such like for many years. I'm quite happy to pay more if the quality is there. I get all of my meat from our local butcher who is all locally sourced and the animals are kept in much better conditions and it shows in the taste. I still buy from there... just don't eat it for the moment :D

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