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5 stone 7lb to lose - I will be slim when my hubby comes home

Hi all.

Don't really know where to start or what diet to follow but I do know I HAVE to do something now, not tomorrow, not next week, its got to start now, so until I pick a diet for me, Im using my fitnesspal and doing calorie counting.

Im sure my story is typical of many people, chubby child, lost weight in my teens, gained it in my early 20's, lost it again, gained a bit, lost a bit and so on and so on until we get to here, approaching 32 and had a real shock when I stepped on the scales and saw I am 15 stone 7lbs, the most shocking part for me, is I was 14 stone 4lbs on the same scales 5 weeks ago... I have put on over a stone in 5 weeks, how the hell have I managed that! :sigh:

Well I guess I do know 2 weeks all inclusive holiday and another couple of weeks of take aways, nights out and lots of wine, I did have an excuse (don't we always!) it was the last month with my wonderful husband who is now in Afghanistan for 8 months so he wanted to spoil me, bless his heart but sadly spoiling me usually means coming home with a couple of bottles of wine and a big box of chocolates and ordering take aways so I don't have to cook.

Anyways, here we are facing yet another deployment, but so far the longest, normally they are 6 months but with troops preparing to pull out of afghan, deployments are now longer, so they don't have to send more groups out, when he left I did the normal all smiles and waves, went home, sat in our empty house, opened a bottle of wine, ordered a pizza and cried my eyes out, we have no children, we moved to a new area 2 months ago, had to leave my job and haven't been able to find another one yet, so the risks are I just become a hermit who eats junk food because cooking for one is boring or I take control of something I can control, my husband goes where the Army sends him and I follow him... or if I can't follow, I wait for him to come back to me, something I have no control over.

I need to take control of my life before I risk having to have a tank come pull a wall down to get me out my house!

I want to lose 5 stone 7 lbs in total and get down to 10 stone, which will see me a size 10 - 12. I know certain diets would see me lose that easily in the 8 months he is gone but not sure I want to go down that track again, so maybe stick to half a stone a month and attempt to lose 4 stone while he is gone, or I might do a bit of both, he gets 2 weeks r & r (leave) in March so I would love to have lost a good chunk of the weight by then but for the time being Im just doing calorie counting.

I know my diary will probably be a bit long and boring haha but its for me to rant and vent, makes me feel better even if no one else wants to read it, its a bit of a lonely life at the moment
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Well onto day 2 now, day 1 wasn't too bad. Im back on exante from today as a friend gave me her left over packs so hopefully I can get a bit of weight shifted.

Feeling rather lonely today, went to camp for the remembrance parade and went to the church, just made me feel a bit sad to be honest, more then usual as everyone was their with their husbands and kids, I hardly know anyone on this camp so sat on my own, think the only person Ive spoken to in the past 4 days is the post man and the guard on the gate of the barracks and both times that was just a passing good morning, thank you type thing.

I must not mope though as far more are in worse situations then me :)

Went through my wardrobe this morning trying to find something to wear... man that made me feel crap haha, found my size 10 skinny jeans... looking so beautiful and slim... found my size 12 skinny jeans... found my size 14 skinny jeans... found my size 16 skinny jeans... couldn't get any of them on, had to settle for leggings yet again! I don't even think I could get into size 18 jeans at the moment, how did I let this happen!

So 5 and a half stone, not an easy task huh... but Ive done it before, I can do it again, going to start walking for 30 mins twice a day. I do need to try and stop myself daily weighing myself and Im going to try and attempt to only weigh once a month, as I can get a bit obsessed with the scales and get down when they done move.


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Welcome and good luck on your journey!
Best of luck! Once you've had a go at exante, if you find you're not getting along with it why don't you consider joining weight watchers or slimming world? I was always anti-chub clubs but I started SW two weeks ago and I've lost over half a stone, you'll get to meet loads of people, have a good chinwag and, best of all, lose weight really easily. I think it could really be good for you.

Just keep imagining your husband's face when he gets back and you'll do fantastically!
Thank you for your replies :)

I think the main reason I keep getting tempted to go back to Exante is because I know how quickly I can lose the weight, when I went from 16stone to 9stone I did it in under 7 months, so its very tempting to know I could lose all the weight I want before hubby gets home but it is a very difficult diet to stick to, even if I just do it until he gets his leave in March and then go onto WW or SW to learn how to eat better and lose the rest a bit slower.

I don't know yet, guess I'll just see how it goes.
Yesterday went ok, onto day three of the diet and day two of Exante, its going ok so far but man do your taste buds change after you have done exante for a while because I used to quite enjoy some of the meals and now I struggled to get them down but Im sticking to it as I know how your tastes change and how you get used to it.

I've been thinking about mini goals, last time I set them around special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, valentines day, anniversary's etc but as Im spending them all alone it seems rather unimportant, so my first goal is going to be when hubby gets leave, I've joined a challenge to lose 40lbs by middle of Feb which is about 14 weigh in's for me so that's just under 3lb a week, my weight loss after the first month is normally about 2.5lb a week but I haven't always been 100%... hopefully if I have a really good couple of loses in the first two weeks it will even it out so I only need to lose my average every week, if that makes sense? hehe. And if I can stick to 100% my loses might get up to 3lbs a week anyway but if I manage a good couple of loses followed by 2.5lbs then I'll have a few more weigh in's before hubby gets back so I could lose another half a stone, which would see me down to around 12 stone, even more if I can lose 3lb rather then 2.5lb but we will see. I find the bigger I am the less difference the weight loss makes, once I get to 12 stone the weight lose really starts to notice with every half stone, once I get below 11 stone 7lbs I start to feel slim so to get to 12 stone by March would be fantastic!


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All the luck in the world Escapade, I'm gonna keep checking back and follow your journey :)

Good Morning

Reading your diary really honestly is how I feel. My bf isn't even in the army yet I seem to sit in on my own most nights!! Due to low confidence. The girls are always asking to go out but I dread it!!!

Anyway I just wanted to subscribe and join you! Yesterday I had realisations that I cannot continue with how in going otherwise I too would need a crane to get me out of my house!!

I'm not sure of a diet ATM and whether I want to put the tag on it and the pressure of a diet. I know that Slimming World works for me and so does Atkins. I prefer slimming world and have all the books so I may just go for that. In September I did it for three weeks and lost 9lbs then went on holiday put it all back on and since I've been back I've continued to eat!!! Silly me!

Sorry for rambling on! Lol but I'm here to follow and support :) xxx
Thanks hun, sorry to hear your feeling so down :(

I don't really like going out out when Im this big either, I feel really self conscious, even clothes shopping! And when you do go out it normally involves eating or drinking, or both! So the pounds just come on even more!

Im having quite a good day today as I thought I would have a sneaky peek at the scales as todays day 4 so half way through the first week and Im already 7lbs down, so nearly back into the 14's, thank god! I know a lot of that will be water weight but still pleased
Thanks hun, sorry to hear your feeling so down :(

I don't really like going out out when Im this big either, I feel really self conscious, even clothes shopping! And when you do go out it normally involves eating or drinking, or both! So the pounds just come on even more!

Im having quite a good day today as I thought I would have a sneaky peek at the scales as todays day 4 so half way through the first week and Im already 7lbs down, so nearly back into the 14's, thank god! I know a lot of that will be water weight but still pleased
Yes definitely agree there!!! its so hard to go clothes shopping! and obviously at my age i should be going shopping with girl friends and spending a day there but literally even the thought depresses me! but that will change!!!

wow that's so good - even if it is water weight its still weight!! it's such a boost when you go down a stone bracket isn't it.

Yeah, it sure is :)

Much more fun to go shopping when you know you can go into any shop and buy the clothes you like, not the clothes you have to buy because they are stretchy or are flattering.

Im starting the 30 day squat challenge today, 30 days to get up to 250 squats... ouch! But hopefully it will help tone me up a bit as im losing the weight
Well today wasn't a easy day, went round to a friends for her birthdays, out came the mini pizza's, sausage rolls, fancy sandwiches, crisps, cakes and birthday cake.... I didn't take a food pack with me and had 2 cans of zero coke, a quarter triangle of a ham sandwich and 3 crisps, refused everything else, so although I ate carbs, Im pretty proud of myself for not stuffing my face which I could of easily have done.

Got to speak to my husband today as well, which has made me feel better, miss him awfully but it was nice to hear his voice even if it was only for a few mins. Sometimes when life is so busy you forgot the little things, the things that really matter, we take for granted what we have, we don't think when we have a mood and snap for no real reason, I do it as much as anyone, then he goes away... and I sit looking at my phone willing it to ring even when I know its only going to be a 5min conversation, missing someone is a hugely powerful emotion, at times its like a physical pain, it hurts, I find myself going to sniff his aftershave or going through his facebook pictures, wearing his hoodies to sleep in, I take time to remember things, nights out, stupid things he does to make me laugh and I remember to appreciate how much he honestly loves me and what we have together. And not many people get to feel the butterfly's in the stomach when your waiting to see your OH after years of being together, the excitement and feeling ready to burst as you just cant wait, so in a way Im lucky, I get to relive the emotions and feelings of when you first fall in love :)
Good luck!
Today wasn't too bad, stuck to the diet and completed day 2 of the 30 day squat challenge, feeling a bit hungry but having another pint of water before bed to stop me cheating.

Into the 14s now, hoping it wont be long until Im into the 13s. Onwards and downwards, but must put a stop to this daily weighing, its ok while the weight is coming off quickly but when it slows I know it will annoy me.
It sounds like you're doing sooooo well!, keep it up ... the 13s have never been so close :)
Thanks hun :)

Today ive been starving for some reason, ive struggled with my water today as well, always going to have bad days I guess, probably doesn't help that Ive been looking online for ideas of food stuff to send hubby for Christmas... my mouth is watering haha, im going to have to take the box to the shops with me and send it as soon as I buy the stuff so I don't eat it haha.
Weigh day today and 9lbs lost so down to 14st 12lb another couple of stone before I start to feel a bit happier with myself.

I have been feeling quite positive today but another day of no conversation and spending the whole day in my own company has got me feeling a bit lonely again... I hate sounding like some depressed person, as that isn't the type of person I am normally... I think life is just giving me a bit of a battering at the moment.
Morning lovely

Well done on the loss that's great!!!

Dw about sounding like that. It's hard when you feel lonely isn't it. I think your a fab strong lady for getting on so well with hubby away. I can't imagine what it must be like - seriously your amazing! So don't lose track of that.

Maybe just go out for a walk or take a magazine to a coffee shop to get out of the house?!

Always here for a chat :) xx
Amazing! Well done!
That's crazy! Congrats on the big loss!