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Food shopping help :(


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Since I started WW I dread food shopping. I never know what to buy I find it so hard.

I was wondering what meats everyone buys etc for cooking dinners?

I must admit I am a 'shove it in the oven' type of person the concept of making something from scratch freaks me out and I just don't know where to start or what to buy!

It's even harder that I have a really bad relationship with food, ever since I was a baby if I don't like a texture I wont eat it, which puts pasta and rice out the window for me, I can't stomach it in my mouth, and as for vegetables I really do have to force myself to eat them, growing fonder of carrots, turnip and cauliflower but that's about all I eat.

Shopping day is tomorrow and I really don't want to have to fill my basket with potatoes, fish in batter and soup.. that's all I seem to eat.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?
Thank you in advance!
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What about buying WW (or Tesco lighter choice) sausages? They're quite a simple food that you can just bung in the oven, and if you have some oven chips and some veg that you like (peas go really well and are quite un-vegetable tasting!) that's a nice meal.

Minced beef is really easy to cook. Turkey is really low points and so is chicken, and i find that a lot of jar sauces are quite low in points if you don't buy creamy ones so a really easy option is to brown off some meat and bung in a sauce and serve it with some potatoes and veg!

I have two boys, one just turned 2 and the other 7 weeks old and although i'd love to spend time cooking from scratch, there just arent enough hours in the day!! So i get by quite well with simple meals that are either just stuck in the oven or on the hob :)


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S: 17st2lb C: 10st4.5lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 6st11.5lb(39.79%)
Thank you both for the ideas so far, I hate being so fussy with textures, it makes things harder, cous cous and noodles are the same as rice and pasta for me I can't stomach them either.

I will shop for asda's good for you range and WW I think for sausages and try turkey mince aswell, I love bolognaise with baked potato so that's an idea.

Thetrigos I know what you mean about timing I have two young boys aswell my eldest is 4 but my little one is 8 weeks, it's really hard to find time to brush my hair sometimes let alone make meals from scratch but I do have the added advantage of my eldest being in school so I could in theory make meals throughout the day for the evening.

I haven't had sausages since I started WW as they seem so high in points so definately going to look into the own brand healthy range ones! yummy

Thank you again
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Did you try the WW sausgaes? what are they like> i tryed sainsburys good for you ones and thouht they were tasteless... I try and plan my meals for the week b4 i go shopping so i know what to buy so that could be an idear, i got some asda fresh tastes chicken and sauce stuff this week there not to bad in points and take your point cacultor with you to that way you can dbl cheak the points b4 you buy.
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