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Food Sniffing.......

S: 13st12lb
I forgot last time I was on this diet how I sniffed food and got pleasure out of it (doesn't take me much :rolleyes:.) Well on Monday the OH had a Maccy D's drive through and asked me to unwrap his McMuffin. I didn't realise until he asked what I was doing :confused: ..... I had it up to my nose sniffing it! Lets say he wasnt impressed lol.
Anyone else addicted to sniffing?
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I sniff everything, including my work mates lunches !

last week on the girls had my fav sarnie, but ate it, I sat and hd a good sniff of the bag it was in (hot paninni with mozzarella, tuna and sweetcorn).......drooling now !
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Yes!!!!!! my name is Nichola and I'm a serial sniffer too!! :8855:

I also make (to be honest, he doesn't take much persuading) my fiance eat anything that I feel like eating, so for dinner he will have something like a chinese and some chocolate cake for afters over the weekend - lush!


is a naughty girl...
I love sniffing too and I have found when I turn up to peoples houses after they have eaten I know exactly what they have had!

When I went to the Mars factory (megan pauses, saliva dripping, shuts mouth and carries on) I fel like I was breathing in calories so I do wonder :D
S: 13st12lb
my fiance eat anything that I feel like eating,
I do this with my children. If I fancy a cake, I let them have it for their pudding and get satisfaction...weird.
When I went to the Mars factory
Well done you. Don't think I would have had the will power. Isn't there you can sample as much as you want to?


WILL be Slim!
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i do get that when i walk past places but not at home
i've gone the otherway...DH & DD eat healthier now than ever before....and i sniff the healthy food like there is no tomorrow! Yesterday it wa wholemeal pasta with tuna, sweetcorn, olives and e/l mayo! I could have sniffed it for hours!
The other day was a low fat curry all made from scratch...oh my god...now THAT killed me! lol
My DH assured me it was AMAZING! *cry*


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thank you!!!! im not weird!!!! i like to sniff food too, especially what the family is eating... they all think i am daft and a nutter!!! i know im normal now :D :D :D


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I am also a sniffer. My friend thought it was hilarious the other day at the pub when i asked if i could smell his nuts! :)
G: 10st7lb
OMG i soooo do this :D

I also keep feeding up my husband by making him get takeaways so i can watch him eat them :D how bad is that!!!!! he often refuses but when he gets them the smell satisfies me!!

I also stare at the kids eating their dinners

Oh god its bad!
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OMG! Me too. Luckily my DH works away during the week, but when he gets home I usually find myself sniffing his meals and especially his beer.:eek:
Oddly I've no cravings (apart from chickpeas :confused:) but the sniffing makes me feel like I'm not missing out.

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