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food while flying!

Hiya, wondered if anyone can help...i work as cabin crew and have been called to fly tonight, i only do long haul so will be away til Tuesday.

I have been great on sw and stuck with it but as i have only flown once this month already i'm worried about the diet while i'm away.

I was doing so well then got called to fly to LA, i managed to stick to plan as much as possible but it was tough, just in terms of getting my hex a and b's.

I'm not allowed to take food into other countries, so i have to rely on hotel room service or restaurants.

I take mug shots and try to stick to green but it's so tough, my room only has a kettle so i can't even make super noodles or anything as need a microwave.

Does anyone have any ideas of what i can take/make or prepare while over there and while onboard.

I can take dried foods in with me but not youghurt or cheese etc and as i am flying to Africa it's not like i can just nip to a supermarket when i get there....i sometimes do red days but only meat i eat is chicken or turkey (and if i'm honest i try to avoid these meats in Africa)!!

Sorry if this is all jumbled up, rushing to get ready but need help!!xx
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Hi, Just do your best, eat in moderation, drink plenty of water, you never know you could be back next week to find you have had a weight loss, just don't get to hung up over it and start it as soon as your back. x Good luck x:)
Thanks for your advice, only trouble is is that this is my lifestyle...i need to be able to adapt to it because i usually only have 2-3days at home before i fly again so i need to work the diet intomy hotel/flying life.

If it was just a break away or a holiday i would be fine as i would know i could get back to normal as soon as i'm back, but sadly being at home and preparing my own meals isn't normal for me so need things i can make or take with me to make it easier to stay on track.x
maybe calorie counting whilst flying would be easyer? then SW when at home or somewer u no u can deffo do it :) x


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If you get a food flask I believe you can do super noodles by putting them in the flast, pouring on the boiling water and leaving the top screwed on but I think they take an hour or 2 like that, not too sure. Pasta and sauces can be done the same way


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I see your problem with Hex's - A's I'm a bit stumped, but B's if your ok with dried food then:
Cereals - those mini boxes already measured, Finn Crispbreads (6 thin or 3 thick) Ryvitas, Ole faithful Scan Bran :D
I've made packet noodles in the past by shoving in a bowl and adding the water a little bit at a time with a plate quickly popped over and let the steam do the cooking.
Hope that helps :)
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That must be really tough. Can you ask room service to do you low fat meals? Omelettes and salads spring to mind, but you'll soon get sick of that.
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I work away a lot from home but usually just in the UK and have to stay in hotels a lot, not as bad as hotels abroad but I know where you are coming from

I guess the best thing you can do is try to be sensible, there should be loads of fruit and veg available in any hotel anywhere!, I wouldn't exist on supernoodles and mugshots just to try to stick to the plan as they're ok for an occasional snack but not as the mainstay of your diet with them being processed rubbish really!

Depending on the hotels I stay at I ask room service to adapt a meal for me, so I'll ask for no dressing on the salad, no creamy sauces with the fish I've ordered, that kind of thing and most are willing to oblige.

It's a case of trying to find what works for you with the lifestyle you lead, maybe you might have to incorporate some more exercise into your life to counteract the damage you may do to your diet sometimes?

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