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Food with Sole source!


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Not necessarily - the only way to ensure one stone a month loss is to follow the plan as written.

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For me, none! :(

I need the complete detox and break from my old habits. I have tried a few times to eat for an occasion and go back to it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes for me :cry:
If you feel you need to eat, then drop the idea of SS and go for 790 instead. That way you can eat food everyday, although what you can have is limited.

Eating whilst in SS means you will keep kicking yourself out of ketosis. The food you take in will replenish the glycogen stores, and cause you to retain water, and you will see significant upward weight changes. Really not worth it, either for the unnecessary punishment it puts the body through nor the mental torture of your weight going up and down.

True, there are things you can eat that would not do this to you, but if you are planning on being that careful each time, you may as well do it officially and do 790.


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I think that is true - you need to stick to SS as much as you can force yourself - however, i did go out for a meal last week for my parents' wedding anniversary - didnt just eat any old thing though stuck to salad with a little cheese and protien (chicken) and still lost, althugh I have a feeling I will pay for it this week! However, i was so pleased with myself for being sensible and going straight back to SS the next day


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Hi all

Just a quick question...If i do sole source and eat once a week what will my weight loss be like? Will i still lose the stone in a month?
xxx :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
Just curious--okay, just plain nosey... :D

Is there a reason why you want to eat once a week (daft question, I know, but you know what I mean!). Are you thinking weekly takeaways with the other half, lunch at unsuspecting relative's house, etc., etc.?
Sole source is just that no food for 4 weeks then AAM then 4 weeks with no food until you reach BMI where food is added.

If you are going to eat every weekend you would be better off following the 790 programme that way your body will know what is happening and will trust you and continue to burn fat if you only have packs for a few days then eat you will undo all that you have achieved in the few days before.


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