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Went to the cinema last night and had about 10-15 pieces of popcorn. Does anyone know if this will affect Ketosis/weight loss? Also i know you aren't meant to eat on the diet but i have a meal coming up next Friday which i can't miss. My advisor said i could contiinue as normal just eat the meal, and go straight back to the shakes. In reality has anyone done this, and have you stayed the same weight or dramatically increased just after one meal? so close to target which is why i am worried, and can't afford to be on TFR more than next 4 weekish. Thanks for any responses! x
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If you can't miss the meal, then I suggest you just have a salad with no dressing and some skinless chicken fillet. This won't kick you out of ketosis. Further, absolutely no alcohol as it's dangerous to drink while in ketosis. Good luck.


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Catherine, are you studying the programme properly? I only ask because looking at your losses you put on a 1lb in your refeed week - and logically you shouldn't put weight on during refeed. Then if you have worked out your new 'normal' diet you should put on weight after either.

If you really do have to eat a meal - MAKE SURE - you select the healthiest option possible.

I did a crazy weekend Easter last year, as I wanted to consume alcohol (if you can find my olds posts that might help) and I knew I had to come out of ketosis.

I ate protein the night before, knew I had to eat carbs to kick me out of ketosis, but then ran out of time during the day to be sensible so woolfed down some rice - had a great night out and it did me the world of good to celebrate my weight loss up until that point. I got straight back onto the LT train the next day AND STILL LOST that week! Then again booze is empty calories.

Good luck with your menu choice. Lisa x

p.s. don't have pudding!!!!


No longer a redhead though!
Catherine, I found the old thread and bumped it up. See recent posts. I realise that it is more about having a drink rather than 'food' but should help a little. Lisa x
For me.. i found when i cheated.. it was a slippery slope.. and its very hard to get back on.. I guess most important thing is to get back straight onto it.. and just remember we cant do Lipotrim for the rest of our lives.. so think of your meal.. as a time to make the right choices.. look at portion control.. i recommend.. whatever you place on your plate.. just eat 1/2 of it.. and drink about 2 glasses of water before your meal.. that will help also..

good luck.. and let us know how you get on
Thanks everyone for helpful comments will keep it in mind. Am thinking of just having a salad. will see how this week goes....:)

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