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ive desided to write down every thing i have to eat and drink so i can keep track of what goes im my mouth,

breakfast 2 cups ot tea
lunch caffee latte shake,
large glass water,
snack carrot water,
dinner pork chop all fat removed, cauiliflower, broclie
snack small apple water,
supper choc shake
ive no bars left so im going to see how i go with out them, i dont have supper but i like my choc shake hot so have it about 9
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Carpe diem, baby!
Looks fab except maybe you ought to drink some more water...keeps the hunger at bay...
your right i just find drinking lots of water hard work but im working up to it lol
good idea girl. and i know how u feel about the water but im trying damn hard.. ive had a shake for brek a little salad and some salmon a bite of apple(b4 my little one came and stole it) and a choc shake for dinner. plus 1 and a half litres of water...remind me why am i doing this lol. jokes its not to bad xxx
im on day 2.
how are you feeling? xx
to be honest ive found the diet quite easy to do as you can have a meal, its just the water i cant get down, how are you finding it
i know how hard that is i was on my own with 2 kids for a long time much as i loved them they used to drive me round the bend at times,
same as mine lol mind you mine are more than old enough to make their own meals but i still end up doing it
Well done Sharon Kim, sounds a good "food" plan for the day. I really need my 3 snacks though, I like to have one mid-morning, mid-afternoon and supper time. Had a bar today instead of a shake at luchtime, choc fudge, and it was scrummy - must buy more!

As for kids - know what you mean. Mines are coming up 7 and 4 and could eat for Britain and they're both skinny! After swimming lessons today they got a treat - McD's - as hubby home late tonight and usually when I'm popping their happy meals on a plate I pinch a few chips from each (he he) but I remained true to CS and not one passed my lips - torture : yes, but worth it! x
lol i made chop ,roast pots and yorkshire pud with veg for mine i just had a chop and the veg and torture is the word that discribes it perfectly lol
lol i know how you all feel regarding the feeding children situation, it is quite hard not to 'taste test' it as i call it lol its just getting out the habit of a lifetime isnt it.
hahah its torture but we'll manage because we are all strong lol im still going to chicken out and not watch them eat, my daughter is 7 and understands what im doing and is helping me, shes like my personal trainer lol my 2 year old joins in too. x
ahh bless thats nice your daughter is helping you. mine are too young to understand.

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