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Foodfairy's starting from scratch diary!

im back and raring to go :wavey:
this is where im staying from now on no matter how long it takes ;) i'll just take it one day at a time and i'll get there eventually!!

im not going back to class until i get back into my target range :eek: as one, i cant afford it. and two, im too ashamed to show my face lol. i know with the help of you lot on here i can do it :D

sooo, the plan for this week is.......

1. not to overeat just for the sake of it
2. try to do 30 mins of exercise at least 3 times during the week
3. drink 2ltrs of water a day
4. enjoy the food im eating

i'll make a new weightloss ticker when ive weighed myself in the morning eek!!!
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Queen of the Damned
Good luck mate, you know you've got plenty of company here :)
thanks eileen hun :hug99:

monday 16th july

well first day back on slimming world and hopped on the scales to get my new starting weight and i could have cried :tear_drop:11st 4lbs!!!

im almost a stone over my target weight so ive got alot of work to do to get back to it again grrrr!
didnt come online to post my progress yesterday as i started feeling ill around lunchtime, have the startings of a stomach bug i think, felt very nauseaus all day though it didnt stop me from eating lol :D

so heres what i ate yesterday, green day

breakfast- 2 weetabix (b), 1/2 grapefruit, skimmed milk (a), 150ml ruby red breakfast drink (3)

lunch- wholewheat pasta, tomatoes, herbs, ainsleys tomato cous cous

tea- jacket potato, baked beans, 28g cheese (a)

supper/snacks- 2 alpen light bars (b), skinny cow icecream lolly (4.5), bite fish (2.5)

drinks- just 1ltr ( couldnt face anymore :jelous: )

syns used- 10
syns left- 95

Rae x
tuesday 17th july - green day

breakfast- cold cous cous mixed with banana mullerlight, gorgeous :p

dinner- 2 large mushrooms, cherry toms, 2 scrambled eggs, banana

tea- egg noodles, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, button mushrooms, 1/2pck blue dragon chow mein sauce (2.5)

supper/snacks- banana, 2 satsumas, 2 alpen light bars (b), 2 ww wholemeal bread (b), skim milk (a), cheese (a), 1/4 choc scan bran cake (2.5)

drinks- 2ltr water, teas

syns used- 5
syns left- 90

had an excellent day today :) really enjoyed my food and feel refreshed but knackered after my walk tonight lol.

ate TONS of fruit & veg today which ive been lacking recently so hopefully i can keep that up!! having a red day tomorrow and a morrisons lamb shank in gravy for my tea which is only 2 syns and its lush - cant wait yum yum :D

oh.....didnt stop smoking on monday, i forgot lol so hopefully i'll remember to put on my patch in the morning!!!


Queen of the Damned
Nice one Foodfairy :cool:
Am i reading your breakfast right for yesterday? Cold cous cous and a banana mullerlight? I thought i had some weird food concoctions, but that one definately beats them all hands down!!!X

help me girls!!! im craving a naughty wine night to go with whats on the tele tonight while im relaxing :cry:
if i do it tonight then i know i wont have many syns left for my treat on saturday night but im soooooo tempted - please talk me out of it, im only on day 3 for gods sake :sigh:

cold cous cous with a banana & custard muller is lush lol, makes a lovely dessert a bit like rice pud give it a try :D


Queen of the Damned
Right missus, what exactly are you needing wine for on a school night?!!! Get yourself some sparkling water, soak your feet in a bowl of lovely scented water and chill - you don't need wine, you're better than this!! Stay strong!!
Come on now Foodfairy, you know its not worth it, even if you only have 1 glass of wine then you know what will happen, you will start to get the munchies and next thing you know your head will be in the fridge/cupboard - thats if you are anyhting like me! Honestly hun dont do it!! Its not worth feeling like crap for tomorrow x
hiya, sorry couldnt reply earlier, had motherly duties :grouphugg: lol!!

:thankyou: for all your helpfull words girls, im sat here with a cuppa instead cos i knew if i'd have had one glass it would have turned into a full bottle and my head would have been stuck in the fridge looking for munchies Torquay like you said :D

i do feel all angelic now :innocent0002:!! i would have only rgretted it in the morning and had a hangover to boot - on a school day too lmao!! THANK YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxxx
wednesday 18th july - red day

breakfast- blueberries, apple, banana

dinner- home made tomato & basil soup, 2 ww wholemeal bread (b), small portion chicken casserole (4.5), carrots, cabbage, apple, melon, grapes....very hungry :rolleyes:

tea- lamb shank in mint gravy (2), jacket potato (b), steam veg, banana

supper/snacks- 1/2 scan bran cake (5), skinny cow ice cream (4.5)

drinks- 1.5ltrs water, skimmed milk (a), teas

syns used- 16
syns left- 74

havent stopped smoking yet :eek: tbh i dont think im ready to just yet :rolleyes:

having a green day tomorrow gonna make the sweet & sour sauce recipe in the recipe thread above and have it with a healthy extra of chicken and lots of brown rice mmmmm :eat:
Well done for staying away form the vino yesterday, im sooo proud of you!!!:hug99:

Just think you can now have that treat on saturday and really enjoy it without any guilt!! x


Queen of the Damned
Hope you enjoy your treats this weekend Foodfairy ;)

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