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For £$%&*^! sake!


One last chance
I am seriously getting so pissed off!

You know, I would have thought that my friends and family would think that my weight loss is a good thing. I'm getting to a healthier weight and at a weight where I should be and yet I'm having so many people complaining and saying that I am getting 'too skinny'.

Are they fricken stupid?! since when is size 16 skinny? last I checked, it was fat!

My dad always complained and made comments about my fat arse! and now he's complaining that I'm losing weight.

Yes the weight loss is effecting my face the most and it's not as fat as before, but that doesn't mean that I'm bloody skinny!
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i know what u mean no 1 is bloody happy. my family arnt happy im doin this atall, they think its "not right" and "dangerous". must just b a shock 2 ur family as its coming off so fast i suppose. its not like ur a size 4 anerexic!!! x x


Here we go again!
Sorry, but ignore all the idiots and do what's best for you. You can never please everyone so just do what you want to do. You are doing so well so just keep going and good luck. You will look great!


One last chance
i know what u mean no 1 is bloody happy. my family arnt happy im doin this atall, they think its "not right" and "dangerous". must just b a shock 2 ur family as its coming off so fast i suppose. its not like ur a size 4 anerexic!!! x x
Exactly! well my parents are fine with me doing lipotrim, my dad is just having an issue with me losing a lot of weight. He doesn't say anything about my other sister who's doing it also.

I don't even want to be skinny, I find skinny atrocious! (no offence skinny peeps) for me, I don't find skinny appealing in any way.

I know they've seen me since birth as fat, but I am no going to be fat forever!


Skinny Soon ?!
Stay with it and try to ignore them - it is hard but you know what's right and as you say size 16 is not skinny. Show them a weight chart and where you fit into it but if your dad is anything like mine he will just say the chart is wrong lol!

We know you are doing this for all the right reasons even if they dont!
yea so true, cnt please evry1. wher doin it 4 us, well i am, just 2 feel betta in myself, more confident x x


Here we go again!
Stef, remember you are doing it for you and nobody else. We couldn't do it if we were doing it for anybody else. This is hard but so worth it. You are doing great. People not on it don't understand why we need to do this. If they wont understand just ignore everything they throw at you and get on with your life for you!
thanks minib i will. even at work ppl r sayin what a waste of money ur stupid doin that i wudnt do it if sum1 paid me, n 2 b honest they need loose weight 2, i think there just jelous they dnt have the willpower 2 do it or cnt b bothered doin anythin bout it!! x x
ok helppp!!!i was told i need 2 post 50 posts 2 put a pic on n access my profile n that n i cnt, dus any1 kno y?? x x
how tho? it wnt let me!! x x
Hi Yasmine, u know what ? people are cruel cos they are jealous. I have 2 friends[?] and they love it when im a fatty and over weight and they hate it when i am on a diet and/or have lost weight. Its almost like they want me to be fat and are willing me to break the diet. so this time i am not telling them so i will reveal my new me! infact they are not friends any way - well not true ones.
dolliex - keep going!
I think sometimes the system takes a little while to update but hopefully you should be able to soon hun.

wow well i can see ur pick u look great!!!!
You know what, sometimes I think its not the actual weightloss that people are jealous of, its the willpower and determination you are showing that they lack! How many people have said or thought 'she'll never do it' I wonder? Mostly they say or think this because they can't bear to think someone can acheive so much. It magnified their failings.

You are doing this for you, so sod the people who wish to make you feel like you have 'gone too far'.

All of us on this site know what you are going through, and we can give geniune congratz because we understand. The people that put you down, have no idea how hard you have worked, so ignore them and hold your head high.

And a very big well done ;):)
i kno, u jus know ppl r sayin she wont do it lets see how long it lasts, cnt wait to get a stone or 2 off jus 2 say ha look at me now n ive not even finishd!! x x


Trying to stay positive..
tbh i didn't really have a lot of trouble with ppl. most of them were really supportive and interested in what i was doing. my best friend was a bit worried though, but i didn't take it as jealousy (she's really skinny, so why should she be?:D). she was honestly worried because it's not that often that somebody loses so much weight in such a short time and some people become worried that smth bad will happen as a result. people usually see rapid weight loss as being associated with health problems and/or eating disorders, so i think it's perfectly understandable, in a way:)
any way, do not worry about what people think- if u feel good then why should u care about what people say:) ignore them:) after a while they will get bored and stop complaining:)
ahhh ppl at my work have 4got already ha x x
Hi stef
I agree with all the replies. I think most of us get it from other people. When people ask me how I am losing the weight and I reluctantly tell them they start shaking their head and saying its not good for you and soon as you eat it will pile back on. Im hoping that I will prove them all wrong and not put it back on, in a way they make you more determined to prove them wrong.:)

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