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For all CDC's

No I dont get fed up with them, i know the diet is hard and you have to wait for the right moment to want to do it 100%. I get more dispondant because i know it works and for some ladies and men i know if they stuck to it they would acheive everything they wanted to weight wise but its getting to the right place in the first moment.

The only bugbear i have ever had is getting a right earful that a person hadnt lost much weight and they should go to ww or sw instead of wasting money on cd, i tried to point out any diet where they constantly had alcohol every weekend followed by a takeaway would slow down weight loss.

cdc norwich
I just got a new CDC and told her that I had "failed" a few times over the last couple of weeks (e.g. cheesecake, pizza etc!). She said that it isn't failure until you actually give up and the fact that we keep going back to see our CDCs means that we are still achieving.
It's true that our heads have to be in the right place. I could kick myself that I've added another few weeks to my journey but, rather than focus on that, I have to focus on the fact that since January 4th I have lost 2 1/2 stone. This is despite having a very unsupportive CDC. I have high hopes now that I have found my new one - she is very supportive and encouraging and says "just keep coming even if you feel you have had a bad week" - " I'm here for you".
That is so good to know that I am not a "failure" in her eyes - rather someone who is willing to jump right back on the horse and keep going.
Stay strong - we WILL get there
She said that it isn't failure until you actually give up and the fact that we keep going back to see our CDCs means that we are still achieving.:)
Perfectly put Tansy, no one fails until they give up! and WOOHOO you on 2.5 stone!

Thanks Georgie - you are looking fantastic. Hope I can adopt your willpower and get to where you are someday!lol


When you get clients that constantly fail in their efforts to do this diet do you get fed up with them, I often wonder how my CDC feels when I turn up with yet another excuse.
I know one day I will do this again and that time is getting closer which is why I just cant give up.

If i'd had to predict my answer to this Q a year ago I think I'd have said .."yes".
To my surprise I find myself answering alomst without exception "NO"

You've partly explained it yourself by stating that you do 'keep going back' & you DO keep on trying to make it work. In my book anyone that is trying their best is worthy of support, & hopefully when they leave the room both Client & CDC believe that this is the week that'll start the cycle of success.

But there's more to it than just saying nice things to people because they've made managed to turn up. There's the problem that the diet would be SOO much easier to do if life didn't keep creeping up & getting in the way, not to mention hormones. There's the matter of clients being such pleasant people. Have you noticed how hard it is to be fed up with someone you like. Then when I've got my CDC-hat on it's my job not to become disillusioned, but to try & help the dieter find practical or mental ways to get the plan to work. The list could go on...

Having said all this though, there are times when all my & the clients efforts seem to be fruitless & they are either becoming increasingly distressed by their inability to succeed, or I feel guilty taking their money each week. In such circumstances I have suggested that we both take a break, with the option of re-starting when eg they are less stressed at work, the exams are over, the child is sleeping better, the in-laws have gone home etc.etc.

I have even suggested recently (to a woman who found the 1st 3 stone a breeze but has been tying herself into knots mentally for the last 2 months) that a change to w/w might refresh her dieting spirit. If she managed to maintain her losses whilst becoming more relaxed about food then that's a major victory in my book.Plus, she knows I'm still here when she's ready to re-mount the CD-bronco.
Catagorically NO!!!! But then as a CDC who has regained some of her lost stones (holds head in shame!) I walk side by side with my clients and understand each pound gained, each feeling of guilt, each morsel of non-CD approved food consumed.

I also say to my clients to come every week - even if they've had a bad week and don't need to buy anything from me, as then we can talk about it, draw a line underneath and go forward into the next week more positive. A bad week where you avoid your CDC can turn into a bad fortnight, a bad month, or giving up totally.

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