for all cd'ers


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how much is your average monthly loss?

i see some people say that on standard they think of it as a stone a month but with 14 its quite daunting however i will be happy if i am even 5 stone smaller than what i am now for my wedding in july (altho if the stone a month is true i will be 11st lighter which is quite exciting!!)

but was just curious what yours is!
Hi Louisa
I've lost 78lb in 21 weeks: that works out at an average of 3.7lb per week ... a tad over the 3.5lb average which makes up the stone a month.

So yep - I'm bang on target!!
Hi, ive just worked mine out (i think), but maths is not my strong point.!

...74lb, over 16 weeks is about 4.6 lb a week, over a four week month would be 1 stone 4.5 lb a month