for all the long timers, a question

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For all of you who have been on Orlistat for longer than 4 months I have a question.
Does the orange stuff suddenly disappear ?:confused: Over xmas I have eaten more than what I should but had no tell tale signs ie smelly orange stuff, but I have suffered with bad flatulence and stomach pains.
Previous to this I was suffering quite badly with oil:eek:
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I have a question about side effects too. I cannot answer yours tho Cath as I haven't been on it very long and thankfully haven't had the oily orange stuff yet. I do however have really awful wind and sorry to be crude but it smells really really bad. It's ok at the moment cos I am at home but I am worrying about returning to uni after Christmas. Anyone have any experience of wind?


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i been on it a year! it doesnt disapear! i still get it when i go over the rules! however stopped takin a week before christmas! Maybe you havent been as bad as u think! it affects people differently1 ie some people cant have salmon some can1 some peopke react to eggs some dont! i really wouldnt worry hun! Also some people see the side effects straight away some take 48 hours!

sharon - ive not been arround here much lately but not sure how long u have been on xenical but for firs 2 -3 weeks i was like i was releasing hazzardous gasses hahaha so yeah its normal! will even its self out tho! its just your body getting used to it!

hope u bith had a fab christmas!

love katie


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You know I thought it had for a while but I must've just been really careful with my intake.

Now I didn't take the pills on xmas day, however I had actually managed the full 3 the day before (for some reason I am absolutely terrible at remembering to take them when I'm off work).

So I was suffering the orange stuff on boxing day unfortunately (as the pills work on your system for up to 4 days or something).

I've always suffered from the windy pops with the pills and yep it can be been pretty rank. But also probably with what you're eating over xmas too (eg sprouts - not me, I refuse to eat the blighters!) can all give you whiffy flatuence.


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i also had that prob over xmas, i feel i ate quite a bit of junk, chocolate, sweets, and bisquits but i didnt hav any orange which was strange, i did however have really bad stomach pains today, couldnt get out of bed for ages! i was laying all crunched up cos it hurt so much


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maybe the tablets are smart and let you all off


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oh dear, dam!!!!


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i had some but i only ate a half mince pie and a xmas dinner , oh and one choc lol... x


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I ate everything that wasn't nailed down and had to get more supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i managed to leave the chocs alone though so was proud of that, it was all the yorkshire puds, pigs in blankets etc that got me!!!!

as for the wind question OMG just don't stand dfownwind of me on a bad day and thats after 4 months so i assume it doesn't get better!!!!