for anyone living in Belfast or there abouts....


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Oooh! I'm going home this weekend! This will feature on the "taking my nana out" plan!


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Def going to pay a visit and bring my unsuspecting sister muhahahahaha


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Oooh I am definitely going to be giving this a visit. Thanks for the recommendation :D


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im on the case , will probably try it tomorrow x


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This is good to know. It's really difficult to find good places to eat out here. Thanks!


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Ooooo yeah I'm from Belfast and didn't know about this place! Thanks for letting me know, might need to take a wee trip there this weekend, it would be nice to have someone else cook for me for a change!!! :D xx


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im going home this weekend and so will try it out too! how fab! what kind of food is on offer? xx


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il b up there next fri .must try it,do they do takeaway


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My mum and i went to cafe lo-cal after our meeting today as we both did really well!! Both of us were really impressed with our lasagna, salad and coleslaw. Was worth the trip up from Bangor because we were able to go to the butchers just up the road and get our health meat!!
Was nice to eat out and not feel guilty afterwards :)


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really? thats cool. might take a wee look :)


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I went about 6 weeks ago and had an omelette with salad, it was delicious! The lasagne also looked amazing. They also do a brilliant range of SW friendly drinks too.

The Woodstock Rd is a bit out of the way for me, but I'd definitely go back again if I was in the area.